Paradise Hills Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Fantastic melodrama Paradise Hills (2019) directed by Alice Waddington. Emma Roberts played the main role in the film. Secluded tropical island, elite boarding house. The heroine will not only have to go through “re-education” in the “Paradise Hills”, but also find out what terrible secrets this mysterious place hides.

What is Paradise Hills about?

Uma’s wedding is shown at the beginning of the film. Those present at the celebration noted the updated image of the girl, which everyone really liked. The guests also drew attention to significant changes in the behavior of the heroine. The husband of Uma is pleased with the humility of his newly-made wife, because before the girl was completely different.

After the opening scene, the viewer sees the events that took place two months before the wedding. Mysterious room. A voice from the speakers announces that Uma is in “Paradise”. The girl wakes up. The heroine manages to escape from the room. She managed to get to the cave, where she met with Amara, who delivered the girl to the guards. Uma was taken to the Duchess. In this scene, the heroine realizes that she has fallen into a kind of “emotional healing center”. Shortly before these events, the girl’s mother tried to force her to marry. Uma was categorically against it. Therefore, she ended up in this center.

Over time, the girl settled down on a tropical island. She became friends with Chloe and Yu, who shared a room with her. From time to time, Uma has therapy sessions with the Duchess, in which she shares personal information. In one procedure, the girl is chained to the seat. She must constantly look at the video, which tells about the advantages and strengths of her future spouse.

On the island, a girl fell in love with a guy named Marcus. The young man promises to get the heroine out of this place. Uma tried several times to escape from the island, but the attempts did not bring the desired result. Together with their roommates, they come up with a plan to save themselves. During the escape, the girls suddenly found themselves in a room with monitors. In this room, a kind of dossier was kept on each of them. The girlfriends suddenly realized that the purpose of all therapy sessions was to collect detailed information about them.

The next room the girls entered was even more mysterious. In this room were the doubles of the heroines. The plastic surgeries performed made them very similar to the patients. However, all doubles are more obedient and accommodating versions of girls.

Yu died, Chloe also failed to escape. The last victim was supposed to be Uma, but suddenly her double, Ana, came to the aid of the heroine. The girls defeated the Duchess. They boarded a boat to leave this tropical island forever. An incredible idea came to the heroine’s head, which she decided to bring to life.

Wedding. Ana is with the guests, and Uma is in the bedroom with Son. Surrounding people are surprised by the pleasant changes in the girl’s behavior. At the same time, Uma kills Son. Ana goes into the room and lets out a terrible scream. Uma disappears, and Anu is waiting for a comfortable life in the status of a widow.

The meaning of the film “Paradise Hills”

The tropical island, on which the heroine got, personifies a golden cage. But the viewer does not understand until the end of the film what secrets this beautiful peaceful place hides. The main idea is clearly traced in the film. Everyone decides what kind of life he will have. We are the creators of our own happiness. No one should take away the freedom of choice. A film about not being forced to marry. Relationships should be built on love and mutual respect. Without these components it is impossible to create a strong happy family.

The film “Paradise Hills” is about the fact that each person is unique. It is impossible to create an exact copy of another. Everyone has an individual set of qualities, strengths and weaknesses. What is familiar to one, is completely unacceptable to another. It is difficult to adapt to those around you. And is it necessary?

A romantic story showed that in our life there is a place for a fairy tale. You always need to fight for your “place in the sun”, even if many are against you. Only the person himself knows what he dreams of and what he aspires to. It is important and necessary to defend your views and interests. With the help of the actions and deeds of the heroines, the viewer sees how a person makes his way to happiness.

Incredibly colorful, atmospheric film “Paradise Hills” that even on a tropical island a person can feel uncomfortable and unhappy. The meaning of the film is that it does not matter where we are, where we live. It is important how we feel in this place, whether it suits us emotionally.

The film is definitely worth watching for those who prefer bright, meaningful puzzle tapes. A lot of mysteries in the course of the film either bring the viewer closer to the solution, or move it away. Actors do not just play, they live the lives of their heroines. Artistic decorations give a complete sense of presence. This film does not reveal global problems and ways to solve them. The film tells about the personal tragedies of girls who did not want to put up with their fate. The heroines did not simply “go with the flow”. They decided to take responsibility for their happiness into their own hands. Despite the weaker sex, the girls were able to defend themselves.

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