Everything Wrong With Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino directed another comedy-drama film called Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which premiered in May 2019. He is recognized by many film critics as a film that recognizes the handwriting of the famous Quentin Tarantino. One of the film critics, Peter Bradshaw, gave the film the maximum rating and noted that the film is very interesting and exciting, inviting all moviegoers to watch it.

The film tells about the sect of Charles Manson and therefore, having decided to watch this film, you should first familiarize yourself with the information about this sect. Charles Manson is the founder of a sect with a very ironic name “Family”, where, on his orders, participants killed completely innocent people. They engaged in the massacre of the innocent, blindly obeying the instructions of the leader. He was later caught and sentenced to death, but the decision was reviewed and the killer received nine prison terms. He died in prison, and the Family sect is still considered the most bloody and cruel sect in the world. Returning to the plot of the film, it was the members of this sect who killed the actress Sharon Tate. She was the wife of Roman Polanski and bore their child under her heart. Charles Manson’s goal is to start a race war because he had every reason to do so. He organized a series of murders, the victim of which was Tate.

In the film, the ending is slightly changed by Quentin Tarantino himself: no one attacks the girl, and the sect is destroyed. The director decided in this way to smooth out the memories of mankind about such a tragic story, but the essence of the film remained clear to everyone. One cannot live naively and carelessly, because the time has come when danger is to be expected from everywhere. This does not mean that you need to constantly look for a catch in something, wait for danger and be afraid to go out the door of your house. This means that you need to be ready to meet the danger and get out of the situation alive and unharmed.

History also shows that the outlook on life is formed in childhood. Charles Manson did not have a natural father because his mother (who was 16 at the time of birth) dated several men at the same time. When Charles was young, she was imprisoned for robbery and theft. What could a little boy learn if he lived in such an environment where there is no place for sincerity, love and happiness? He lived in theft and deceit, then he himself began to steal, distribute drugs, use them. Everything turned into the creation of the “Family” sect, in which the participants killed people. And Charles was their leader simply because he knew how to perfectly manipulate people and achieve the desired result.

Not so long ago, in his old age, he could marry again, because his devoted fan contacted him. But it turned out that she wanted to become his wife simply for the sake of his money – she came up with a plan for herself, following which she could earn mountains of money. After the death of her potential husband, she wanted to put his sarcophagus on public display and ask for money for it. Charles was compensated by this desire of the girl and canceled the wedding.

In 2017, the offender died at the age of 83. Although he was in prison all this time, his name and surname very often surfaced in print publications, in books, and in films. Mankind is surprised by his cruelty and inhumanity to this day. What did a person need to go through and what kind of moral trauma to earn in order to hate people so much and kill them like flies?

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood tells the story of this maniac rapist in order to warn viewers. You can’t blindly believe in everything you heard or saw, you can’t trust strangers, even if they come to you with good intentions. Everything needs to be criticized, and then there is a great chance to live your life in peace.

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