King Richard Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Today you can find a lot of interesting films, many of them form a separate category of sports films. However, not all sports films are based on real events, the plot should be treated with caution. King Richard is a sports drama starring Will Smith. For many, the name of this actor is enough to consider the film as interesting and of high quality as possible. The basis of the film is that it describes the life of the father of two world-famous tennis players, the Williams sisters – Venus and Serena. The film was announced back in 2019 and released in 2021 in Russia. The film is also interesting in that the original song was written for it, Beyoncé was the authors and producers.

The plot of the film is biographical, it consists of knowing exactly what the film tells about the life of black Americans. Many who love sports dramas have been looking forward to the release of this film, especially those who are fans of the Williams sisters. In addition, many people know that Williams managed to organize the career of his daughters. The picture is very significant, so many people would like to know the details from the biography of famous tennis players, find out how real the film is, how much fiction there is and how much truth.

Initially, the film begins with a description of 1988, Richard Williams has five daughters in total, while he made a detailed plan for the future of each of his girls. He stubbornly follows this path. He wants to make eight-year-old Venus and seven-year-old Serena tennis stars. At the same time, Richard himself and his wife knew little about the training of professional tennis players, but at the same time they themselves trained their daughters from a very early age.

They helped them set up their technique, taught them how to win. In the future, the famous coach agrees to free lessons, but only for Venus, when Richard reaches a new level, he records all the classes on camera and begins to train Serena in this way. It is known that screenwriter Zach Beilin is a co-author of Richard Williams himself, because it was in his memoirs that this man outlined his memories. The book was called Black and White – as I see it. This edition was sorted into quotes, and is included in the top of the best biographies and memoirs.

Naturally, the book plays up the most pressing topic in recent times in the United States – oppression, racial discrimination. Richard Williams was born back in the forties and fifties, when racial discrimination was especially strong. He recalls that at the age of 5 he had to transfer money to a white seller and he accidentally touched him, this grew into a real scandal. He also recalls that a white woman in front of him knocked down a black teenager and blamed him.

The childhood and youth of the father of famous tennis players was constantly accompanied by discrimination. Richard himself knew how to play tennis, because after moving to California he met a homeless drunkard called Old Whiskey, at the dawn of his career he coached famous tennis players, including Jimmy Connors, who could become the first racket of the world. It was then that Williams became interested in tennis, began to take lessons that paid for a drunkard with a bottle of whiskey. It is also known that the father developed a truly huge plan for his daughters even before they were born.

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