I Am Number Four Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Fantastic action movie I Am Number Four directed by DJ Caruso is based on the story of the same name. This adventure film shows not only the supernatural abilities of a person. He exposes the soul of the protagonist, forcing the audience to empathize with him. Is I Am Fourth a film for entertainment and relaxation, or does it have a deep hidden meaning? Each reader will answer this question at the end of the tape. We will try to analyze the exciting story and express our point of view.

The meaning of the film I Am Number Four

The protagonist of the film is one of the few among the inhabitants of a distant planet who managed to survive. John is constantly in danger. Seriously fearing for his life, the character hides and skillfully covers his tracks. John again and again looked for a new home, until one day he ended up in a small provincial town in Ohio. It was here that the hero realized that he had found the place that he had been looking for for so long. The meaning of the film “I am the fourth” is to show the audience how important it is to find that haven where you will feel good and calm. In addition, it was in this town that John met a girl whom he loved with all his heart.

Love works wonders. This amazing exact phrase was confirmed in this film. The hero in love lost his self-preservation instinct. Now for him there was one ideal – his chosen one. The behavior of the hero after meeting with a beautiful stranger has changed dramatically. He became gentle, romantic, vulnerable. The audience clearly noticed the metamorphoses that took place in the behavior of the character. He forgot about the dangers, the difficulties and obstacles. All problems faded into the background. The meaning of the film “I am the fourth” is also to show the power of human feelings.

This film is not just an exciting pursuit of opponents. The film shows the non-standard thinking of the characters when they fall into a trap. Each new twist of fate could be another blow for the characters. But the heroes did not act alone. Only a united team can withstand any difficulties.

Over time, John began to notice that he was not like everyone else. The hero began to manifest superpowers. But why does the character need additional qualities? Once in a difficult situation, reminiscent of a dead end, the human brain begins to work in a completely different way. Otherwise, nothing, because the whole future life of a person depends on it. Without feeling the danger, the character would never know what hidden reserves are in his body. The brain began to quickly and clearly scroll through the possible scenarios in my head. He didn’t have time to think or take a breather. It was necessary to act quickly and boldly.

The cast of the film ensured her success. The heroes got used to their roles, they felt the breath of danger and an incredible desire to win, no matter what. Mystical creatures were getting closer. However, this circumstance only provoked the characters. They didn’t think of hiding. They firmly decided to stand their ground with their heads held high. If a person is completely confident in the correctness of his choice and in the right position, the whole Universe will go towards him. The victorious spirit of the hero could no longer be broken by anyone. However, you should not go ahead if you are visited by doubts. Analyze the situation, weigh the pros and cons. Only then take the initiative in your own hands and achieve the desired result.

The meaning of the finale of the film I Am Number Four

The characters of the film – John – warned more than once of the impending danger. However, he ignored all advice and compelling arguments. Why did he do this? Pride took over in his head or he just couldn’t control his actions. The true meaning of the finale of the film “I am the fourth” is that sometimes you should still listen to the opinions of others. In most cases, people do not wish you harm, they are not driven by envy, but by a simple desire to help.

At the end of the adventure film, good triumphed over evil. This is a logical and correct outcome of the battle with fantastic creatures. But who are they, these otherworldly forces? According to one version, mystical creatures are our invented fears, which we cannot get rid of in any way. Often we daily fight with them, they again and again turn out to be stronger than us. The finale of the film I Am Number Four says that it is necessary to part with obsessive thoughts and complexes ruthlessly, because they are the brake on our development.

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