Downton Abbey Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The new drama “Downton Abbey”, which was released in September 2019, was filmed by a young American director Michael Engler and became a rethinking of the series of the same name, which includes six seasons. The story tells about the adventures of an English family of aristocrats, whose ancestral home decides to visit the King of Great Britain George V with his wife Mary.

The change in the usual way of life, provoked by progress, which affected all spheres of life in European society, political struggle and intrigue, and against this background, love, hatred, simple human relationships that are not alien to anyone, even representatives of high society, became the foundation of the fascinating plot of the film.

The meaning of Downton Abbey

The action of the film begins in 1927, when a message from Buckingham Palace arrives at the family estate of the Crowley count family, notifying the family that the English monarch and his wife are sent to visit them. This news does not please the family too much: the Dowager Countess Grantham is very concerned about the news that the cousin of the current head of the family, Earl Robert, Maud, will be present in the retinue accompanying the monarchs. Many years ago, two branches of the same family quarreled over an inheritance, and now the representatives of the count’s family will meet face to face. The family begins a large-scale preparation of the abbey for a royal reception.

Soon the long-awaited guests arrive at the abbey. The royal couple are warmly welcomed by the hosts. But relations between the owners of the mansion and its guests gradually begin to heat up: the servants of the Crowley family are offended by the arrogance and arrogance of the royal family and its retinue, who consider themselves much higher than all other servants. The earl’s eldest daughter asks for the help of the former butler of the abbey, Mr. Carson, to help the family and the house survive in this difficult situation. The man gladly agrees and returns to his beloved abbey, where he once served faithfully. Thomas Barrow, unable to cope with his duties, is temporarily replaced by Carson, and reluctantly gives up his place, holding a grudge against a competitor who has suddenly returned to the estate.

The cook’s assistant, young Daisy, finds an excuse to postpone preparations for the wedding celebration (the girl is soon to marry the Crowley family’s lackey, Andy Parker). The girl is not sure that he is the person with whom she wants to spend her whole life. The young man, in turn, cannot but notice the coldness towards the girl. The situation is aggravated by the intervention of a plumber, who provides signs of attention to Daisy. Filled with jealousy and resentment, the footman breaks a boiler repaired by a competitor.

Soon another guest arrives at the estate, introducing himself as Major Chetwood. He is looking for the son-in-law of the head of the family, Tom Branson, who, in turn, suggests that Chetwood is a specially hired detective assessing the safety of the royal visit. Before the start of the parade to celebrate the arrival of the royal family, which will pass through Downton Village, Chetwood goes to where the artillery awaits the king, unaware that Tom, suspecting something was wrong, is chasing him all the way from the abbey. The vigilance shown by the man saves the monarch’s life: Tom manages to prevent Chetwood from shooting King George, knocking him down and pinning him to the ground. Real royal detectives instantly arrest Chetwood. It turns out that he is an Irish fighter for the independence of Ireland, who mistook Tom for his ally.

The royal retinue behaves in a businesslike way in the count’s mansion, which annoys the local servants. However, even among the competition there is a place for love: Tom and Lucy, Maud’s maid, fall in love and vow to continue communication after the visit is over. Other members of the Crowley family return: the youngest daughter of the earl, Edith, with her husband Bertie, whom the king appoints to accompany the Prince of Wales on his upcoming trip to Africa. This news scares Edith, who is expecting a child from her husband.

The servants of the family are gradually putting forward a plan to “return” to themselves the places taken away by the royal retinue and uphold the honor of family property. Soon Mr. Carson joins them. A grandiose plan is being built, the result of which should be the departure of the royal family back to London.

Soon the conflict between the two branches of the family begins to grow. Lucy is revealed to be Maud’s illegitimate daughter. Given the connection of the girl with Tom, a servant of the abbey, a great prospect opens up for the reconciliation of the two houses.

How did Downton Abbey end?

The film ends with a beautiful ball. Mary learns that she is destined to become the heiress of the family estate, as the Dowager Countess prepares for the inevitable: the results of a medical examination predict her imminent death. The film ends with the characters’ thoughts about the future of the home and family. Mr. Carson assures those present that both the abbey and the Crawley family itself will survive more than one century.

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