The Lion and the Dog by Leo Tolstoy Meaning

What does Tolstoy’s story teach – The Lion and the Dog? The Lion and the Dog was written by Leo Tolstoy, this is a series of works about animals, but there are special topics that are raised here that allow readers to think. This is a story about the mutual friendship of a majestic lion and a harmless dog. This story impresses both children and adults, so it should be re-read already in adulthood, despite the fact that it is part of the school curriculum.

Previously, animals were shown for money, but at the same time, if there was no payment, then you could bring a street dog, some kind of cat, as food for predators. One man took a small dog from the street and decided to bring it in to throw it into a cage for a predator. However, Leo did not touch her, he decided that this was his friend, he lived with her, shared his food for a long time and protected.

Leo did not let people near a new friend. However, the dog fell ill and passed away. The lion was very sad, yearned, and when other dogs were thrown to him, he simply tore them apart. He loved his dog very much, and six days later he died of anguish. The author allows you to see that even such dissimilar animals as a lion and a small dog can really be friends.

Friendship can make people completely different, more tender, touching. It is available to people of different ages, different social classes. The author wanted to show that friendship is a special gift. The main feature is the ability to gain friendship can any animals, people. The lion became so attached to his little friend that he could not even continue his life.

This work teaches not to be pests, allows you to learn to be kinder to everyone, despite the fact that people were very cruel. Not only were the animals themselves kept in cages, but they were also invited to eat in front of the audience. It is important to appreciate any animals, not only powerful ones like lions, but also small dogs and cats. Despite the cruelty of people, the lion was able to show them that he was able to make friends with a cute dog.

The lion behaved really nobly, he made friends with the dog, defended it, did not want to give it to anyone. Many wonder why even Leo died as a result. He fell in love with the dog so much that his heart gave out of longing, he suffered greatly, and died of grief.

Animals, like people, are capable of feelings, they experience any loss, they are sad, happy, they are able to love. This story shows us how touching the relationship between animals can be, it is also important to value friendship. The story also shows how important it is to learn, to be loyal, friendly, to value friendship and what you have, and most importantly, to exclude cruelty from your life. In the story, the method of payment for visiting the zoo is horrifying, it is not normal, which was demonstrated by Leo himself, who managed to show that in fact you can live in friendship with any animals, appreciate them, love them. Leo loved his dog very much, and therefore could not live without it, because he also needed friendship and support, he felt lonely, and when he had such a friend as a little dog, he saw life in a different way. However, when the dog died, he could not live without her.

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