What does The Master and Margarita teach readers?

The work of The Master and Margarita is known throughout the world. Bulgakov created a real masterpiece, which is studied at school, is world famous, and has long been recognized as one of the best in the world. The novel is full of events, it can be interpreted in different ways, while many see a different meaning in this work.

The novel is very deep, many can find here the most unexpected moments for themselves, the main thing is that this novel can teach everyone a lot. The plot of the work is familiar to many, it tells about love and betrayal, Moscow of the thirties is shown here, when everyone tried to be known as intelligent, where everyone tried to deceive each other. The main problem is the clash of good and evil.

This work can be called truly great, it has a deep meaning, is multifaceted. The author tells the stories of different people, and at the same time touches on many topics. Everyone can choose the meaning that he is interested in. Bulgakov led us to the fact that good and evil will always exist on earth, while the problem is revealed by the author in an interesting way, he is trying to prove that the line must always be balanced, because good lives in every human soul, is present everywhere, but it must be balanced by a particle of evil.

The plot composition of the novel is complex, here several lines are intertwined at once, they are then combined into one. In essence, these are two independent plots, one plot is historical events that take place in Jerusalem. The second story describes the thirties in Russia. But these plots are constantly mixed up, since it is there that good and evil collide.

If we consider the summary, then initially Mikhail Berlioz dies, who tried to tell the devil himself that he is a fruit of fantasy, does not exist in reality, and then the homeless man who pursued Woland ends up in a hospital for insane people, where he meets the master. The main character becomes the owner of a magic cream, thanks to which she receives the title of Queen during the reception. After Woland recites the novel, and the main characters die. At the same time, they receive complete peace forever, and Pontius has complete freedom. The novel is aimed at ensuring that every person believes good, because it always triumphs over evil.

It is important to believe in the victory of goodness and justice. The novel shows that good people will certainly be rewarded, and evil ones must be punished. Everyone should believe that miracles can happen in life and that there is true love that can conquer anything. The novel can be called tragic and even humorous, in fact the main characters accidentally came together, but evil people separated them. Many in the course of the work become witnesses of miracles, while maintaining faith in goodness.

The main thing is that people understand that love can conquer different events, and if lovers are destined to be together, then they will meet more than once. The author also shows that miracles always happen, they are real, the main thing is to believe in them. In the life of every person there is a place for miracles, people should understand this and perceive the world as something interesting and exciting, full of miracles and opportunities.

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