What does the fairy tale “Two Brothers” teach Evgeny Schwartz

The main characters of the tale are two brothers: the Younger and the Elder. They are the sons of a forester who guards the trees in the forest land. He is in no hurry to go home, as his sons constantly swear. They fight and hate each other. One day, their father tells them that he will not bring a Christmas tree for the New Year, because they need to bring toys for decoration from the city. Since the brothers are constantly in conflict, the father does not risk leaving them alone. But Junior and Senior assured the forester that they would peacefully and amicably go to the city and bring Christmas decorations. Having previously promised that they would return in the evening on the eve of the new year.

At first, the brothers behaved calmly, with the onset of the third day, the Elder wanted to take up reading. He was very fond of reading. And Junior is bored, he wants to play. The elder was fascinated by the book, so he drove his brother away from him, did not want to play with him. But the Younger was relentless, the Elder drives him out into the cold and closes himself from the inside. The boy planned to launch it as soon as he finished reading, but he forgot. Suddenly he remembered and with all his might ran out into the street, but it was too late. The brother disappeared. Soon the parents arrived and sent the Elder to look for his brother.

He went to look in the forest, where the boy meets the old man Frost. Great-grandfather Frost says that he has a younger brother. He sets a condition: the Elder must work for him, then he will let the Younger go. It was necessary to spin small animals and birds around the ice furnace so that they turned into ice. Having worked for Frost for a long time, the boy begins to understand that the old man does not want to let him and his brother go. The elder begins to think how to get out. He kindled a fire, with its help he warmed the frozen animals and birds. Grateful animals help the boy by stealing the keys from the sleeping Frost. The elder unlocks the door, behind which he finds a frozen and tearful little brother. He grabbed him in his arms and ran out of the forest. Frost woke up and gave chase to the fugitives. The boy ran and felt the cold overtaking him.

He didn’t stop for a second. Suddenly he slips, drops his brother. The younger one breaks into small fragments, the older one sobs sadly and falls asleep exhausted. All night the warmed forest animals and birds collected pieces and warmed the boy with their warmth. This is how they expressed their gratitude. The elder woke up at dawn and saw a living brother. He is overjoyed and happy. After the incident, the guys did not swear and did not quarrel. They lived peacefully and were more attentive to each other. On rare occasions, Senior politely asked Junior not to interfere. This tale is very instructive, it teaches the reader what to do and what not to do. Especially this tale is useful to read to sisters and brothers.

The main idea of ​​the fairy tale is relationships in the family circle. Quarrels, insults and troubles only upset and alienate from each other. Schwartz in the fairy tale shows the reader the problem of misunderstanding and selfish attitude between relatives. Regular strife and scandals make loved ones out of strangers, absolutely cold-blooded people, full of hatred and evil. It is easy to lose love and trust, it is impossible to offend loved ones and loved ones. Many are indifferent to relatives, do not pay due attention to them. They devote a lot of time to their affairs and plans.

This work teaches the reader to be attentive to their loved ones and relatives, the author calls to love and protect their relatives. You need to appreciate your parents, cherish every minute spent together. Try not to be indifferent, be able to be responsible for your actions and correct mistakes. Do not upset your parents, obey them and do not upset. You need to strive to spend more time with your family, to give them all your human warmth and kindness. Because you don’t know when you will lose them, you shouldn’t do rash things. Responsibility, respect and care are very important qualities in strong family relationships. The longer we keep family values, the stronger and more friendly the family.

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