Crimson Peak Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The American horror film Crimson Peak is based on a classic gothic novel. The film directed by Guillermo del Togo is incredibly beautiful, it is filled with unexpected events, vivid emotions and atmospheric scenery. Romance, blood, mysticism. The mysterious tape “Crimson Peak” fascinates. What is the deep meaning of the film? Let’s try to figure it out.

What is Crimson Peak about?

Beginning of XX century. England. The dilapidated estate of Allerdale. Edith experienced a terrible grief – the death of her father. Her husband – Sir Thomas Sharpe – brought her to this strange house. Together with the newlyweds, Lucille, Thomas’s older sister, lives in the estate.

Edith has one feature from an early age. The girl hears and sees strange mystical creatures. In the opening sequence of the film, Edith is approached by her dead mother, who says, “When the time comes, beware of Crimson Peak.” But for the little girl, these words had no meaning.

Once in the old estate, Edith felt extremely uncomfortable. Noise, mysterious sounds, incomprehensible visions, drops of blood disturb the young girl. Lucille refused to provide the heroine with duplicate keys. In addition, Edith was forbidden to go to the ground floor of the estate. The girl has health problems. Bloody ghosts do not allow her to live in peace. Every night her husband is absent from their bedroom.

Thomas informed Edith that in winter their old house is called “Crimson Peak” because of the device that mines scarlet clay. It is this unit that paints the snow red, similar to blood. Events unfold not only in a crumbling house. In Edith’s hometown, an old friend of the young heroine is trying to conduct his own investigation and find out who is to blame for the death of the girl’s father. Alan McMichael discovers shocking facts. Edith has to learn the truth about the old estate and its inhabitants.

The meaning of the movie “Crimson Peak”

The bewitching film “Crimson Peak” is filled not only with chilling events. This is a film about love. Despite the presence of ghosts, strange sounds, ruins, there is romance in the picture. This gloomy atmospheric story is about a quivering tender feeling and death.

In the center of the film is the beautiful Edith. From childhood, the girl was haunted by mystical signs warning of danger. However, the heroine did not attach much importance to them. She was captured by a bright deep feeling for the mysterious aristocrat Thomas. Love is blind. It’s about Edith. All-consuming bright emotions “blinded” the heroine. For her, the whole world focused on her spouse.

The point of the movie “Crimson Peak” is that you can not completely surrender to your feelings. Every step needs to be considered. We are not always surrounded by sincere and decent people. It is important to meet truly your person who is not capable of betrayal and a mean act.

Another topic that the director touches upon in his work is the history of the relationship between parents and children. Often, the adult generation transfers their unresolved problems onto their offspring. Complexes, frames, restrictions accumulate, creating a “snowball”. Often children are forbidden to make independent decisions, everything is done for them by their parents. Without realizing it, the mother and father from their lives introduce obstacles into the life of the child, which their offspring must overcome.

However, we should not forget that each person has his own goals and desires. You should not overshadow your child’s life with your unfulfilled plans. You should not make the child what you wanted to become. You should not impose your views on life on a child. It only poisons his existence, making his path aimless and uninteresting. A child is a person with his own guidelines and ideals. The main mission of parents is to help a son or daughter open up, to choose what exactly he or she wants to do. Relationships between family members should be sincere and trusting. This is the only way to bring up a decent, honest and happy person who will be ready to independently cope with all the difficulties that have fallen on his life path.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Crimson Peak”

Edith understood the meaning of the mysterious signs too late. The girl was forced to go to the end, because her whole future life depended on it. The meaning of the Crimson Peak ending is that despite the circumstances, difficulties and obstacles, it is always necessary to fight. There will always be problems. The choice is only ours, how we will act in a difficult and misunderstood situation.

The ending of the film “Crimson Peak” turned out to be extremely intriguing. “Love rules the World”. It was this light deep feeling that helped the girl to survive. The newlyweds were consumed by vivid emotions for each other. However, the authority of the sister for Thomas played an important role. The hero couldn’t get over Lucille’s wishes. This is what ruined him. Between two loving hearts stood a cold calculation. The thirst for profit prevented the spouses from finding true happiness.

What did the director want to say with his film? You have to fight for your cloudless joyful future. Do not rely only on fate or luck. Always, under any circumstances, you need to rely on yourself and your strengths. Even the closest person can turn away from you and betray.

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