Us Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Meaning of the film Us (2019): Explanation of the Plot & Ending. The film “Us”, released in 2019, is the second in a series of ironic horror films from director Jordan Peele after the sensational Oscar-winning “Get Out!”. The picture did not leave anyone indifferent. Someone, having understood the true meaning of the film “Us”, became an ardent admirer, and someone did not go at all with the story of two worlds. Opinions are unanimous on one thing: it is a must to see the picture.

Description of the story

The plot of the film “Us” is gaining momentum back in 1986. Little girl Adelaide, relaxing with her mom and dad in the Santa Cruz amusement park. At some point, the child escapes the gaze of the parent and enters the House of Laughter – a labyrinth with mirrors. But only soon in this seemingly harmless attraction it becomes no laughing matter.

Reflection or double?

On the way to Adelaide, she meets a girl who looks very much like her. What’s this? Fantasy game? Or a reflection? No, a double with the same body and face, dressed differently. The meeting with the incomprehensible traumatized the girl. The baby gets out of the maze and finds her parents. But she’s scared to the point where she can’t speak right away.

Next, the plot takes the viewer to the present. Adelaide is an adult married woman. Her family consists of:

  • husband Gabe Wilson;
  • daughters of Zora;
  • son Jason.

The Wilsons, along with their friends the Tylers, go on vacation to Santa Cruz. Memories of a mysterious double with renewed vigor cover Adelaide. The husband is indulgent towards female “cockroaches” and does not take them seriously. But in vain.

That same night, four bandits in red overalls break into the Wilsons’ house. The appearance of these four completely copies the appearance of the Wilsons. A woman who looks like Adelaide, a man who looks like Gabe, a girl who looks like Zora, and a boy who looks like Jason.

Shadow Invasion

The aliens seem to be gray, otherworldly copies of the Wilson family. Silent and gloomy. Only the false Adelaide can talk. She says her name is Red and starts telling strange stories. About people, each of which has its own shadow, its own double.

On a note! Lupita Nyong’o, who plays Red/Adelaide, came up with a special way of speaking for Red. After all, according to the script, she did not use her vocal cords for several years.

Shadows do not have their own lives, they live the lives of their “owners”:

  • marry and marry “shadows” of the same people, only not loved ones;
  • give birth to the same children, only unwanted.

The Wilsons can’t believe what they’re hearing. They tend to leave the dangerous house, because the aliens are very aggressive. Despite the chase, they manage to get to the Tylers’ house. But there they see the same doubles of their friends in red overalls, and Tylers, who will never see anything again ..

Enraged, the Wilsons deal with the shadows of their friends. Well, it’s time to watch TV. The news channel reports that millions of doppelgangers calling themselves “The Bounts” are committing murders of their copies. After that, holding hands, they line up in a human chain, protesting against life in the twilight and trying to find a place under the sun for everyone.

Interesting! In 1986, Hands Across America was held in the United States. People, holding hands and paying for a place in the chain (10 dollars), spectacularly and together helped the homeless.

Ending and hidden meaning

How did the movie “Us” end? Will the viewer get all the answers? What is the meaning of the movie “Us”? Restless Red, taking advantage of the opportunity, kidnaps Jason and disappears with him to no one knows where. Adelaide guesses that they need to be looked for in the very House of Laughter, where their first meeting took place. There she finds a whole underground city. And then Red tells everything without hiding.

The US government, with the aim of total control over people, has created here, underground, their artificial copies. With their help, it was supposed to control people like puppets. But something went wrong. Soulless shadows could not control people, and the project was quickly closed. Locked up with the Earthbound. For many years they only copied the life of their originals. Until one of them appeared who spoke. The one who helped them free themselves. Ed.

In the scuffle that follows this revelation, Adelaide manages to kill Red and free Jason. The Wilson family is finally reunited! But the ending of the film “Us” presents the viewer with another surprise. Adelaide suddenly remembers that night in 1986, and realizes … that in fact she is Red. During their first meeting, she managed to stun the little Adelaide, get to the surface in her place and take her place in the “upper” world.

To understand the meaning of the film “Us” means to accept that two essences coexist in each – the original and the ghostly. And often they are so intertwined and carried along that it is already difficult to understand where the light is and where the darkness is. And then you need a good wander through the mirror maze to get to the right side.

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