Twin Peaks Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The American series Twin Peaks, the meaning of which remains a mystery to many, has won the hearts of fans around the world. Series director David Lynch and screenwriter Mark Frost created the events taking place in the fictional city of Twin Peaks, Washington, near the Canadian border.

Plot Summary

Today, starting the topic of the formation of television series and the evolution of the film industry, involuntarily mention the creation of David Lynch. It produced the effect of an exploding bomb. It is possible that television itself would be completely different if not for this project.

  • In season 1 of Twin Peaks, the main storyline is built on the history of the investigation of the brutal murder of high school student Laura Palmer.

On a note! Choosing an actress for the role of Laura, Lynch looked only at the expressiveness of the photo. After all, it was supposed to play the “main role”. But after seeing Sheryl Lee get used to the role of Laura in a small episode, Lynch expanded the scope of her roles.

  • Before us unfolds the ordinary life of a small town in the state of Washington and its friendly, but somewhat original residents. However, during the investigation conducted by Agent Cooper and the local Sheriff Truman, the dark sides of the inhabitants of a peaceful city are revealed to the audience. Mystery and mysticism penetrate every scene of the television series.
  • In season 2, Dale Cooper continues to investigate the mystical murder of Laura Palmer. After a failed assassination attempt on him, he tries to find out what kind of person is hiding behind a mysterious mask. In this season of the American television series, all the secrets of the inhabitants of the city are revealed.
  • The most anticipated event of 2017 was the release of season 3 of Twin Peaks. The first scene begins with a phrase from Laura, who promises to meet in 25 years. That time has come.

The meaning of the series

In Twin Peaks, every frame makes sense. Perhaps the death of Laura Palmer would have become another urban legend, if not for the surviving second victim – Ronetta Pulaski. Just then, from under a beautiful wrapper, the dirt of the inhabitants of the city breaks through.

There are many shots of the series where animals and weather phenomena are considered warning signs. A prime example is owls. Their cries are the harbingers of something terrible and sinister.

The whole series is not what it seems. It turns out that the excellent student and beauty Laura was actually engaged in prostitution and took drugs. She, like most of the inhabitants of Twin Peaks, lived a double life.

An alternative universe and the other world act as a familiar place for the inhabitants of the city. So, we see two Wigwams – Black and White. It’s like two images of hell and heaven, respectively.

The often appearing “Red” room is, as it were, the threshold of hell. Where time flows in a completely different way and where you can meet your secret double. You can get to the Wigwams in a dream or after death. But there is also a mystical entrance in the forest of Ghostwood. The secret forest door can be opened with an emotion key: fear or love.

At the end of season 2, Agent Cooper, saving the girl Annie, enters the Black Lodge, where he remains for 25 years, and his place in the real world is taken by a dark double.

In season 3, in addition to the Lodges, you can get to the other world through a glass box that leads to the “purple” room.

Twin Peaks: The Meaning of the Season 3 Ending

Tireless FBI agent Dale Cooper, still on the hunt for Laura Palmer, finds himself in an alternate universe. Here, Laura’s name is completely different, and incomprehensible people live in her house. Cooper and his secretary Diana are now named Richard and Linda.

Suddenly, Laura from the alternate universe hears her own mother screaming, who clearly pronounces the heroine’s past name. Laura realizes that for more than 25 years she has been in a confused, incomprehensible state. Next, we get a scene of Twin Peaks in the “red” room, where Laura leans towards the FBI agent and whispers the disclosure of all secrets.

Interesting! The real sawmill, against which unhappy events unfolded, was demolished 2 months after filming.

The search for the right and true path among parallel worlds will remain and will always be repeated over and over again. The lover is doomed to wander, trying to save deep feelings and not lose them. Therefore, viewers of the television series Twin Peaks will no longer be able to understand:

  • whether these events take place before the FBI agent entered the Black Lodge;
  • or before us opened the prologue of the next season.

So, the series Twin Peaks, the meaning of its ending, suggests that even the happiest end of events can become a trap. And in life it is always very easy to make mistakes that cannot be corrected at the snap of a finger. You can’t always go back to where you came from. David Lynch, with his characteristic elegance, managed to leave many questions unanswered after the end of the series.

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