Boss Level Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Recently released American science fiction action movie directed by Joe Carnahan Boss Level, the meaning of which is rather vague. Reviews for this film are also mixed. No wonder the title of the film contains a reference to the comedy “Groundhog Day”, because the essence of both films is one thing – a time loop. The divergence in genres makes each of the films unique in its own way.

The meaning and summary of the film

Roy is an ordinary guy who used to work in the special forces. He is well trained in wrestling, gun shooting and many other useful skills. Suddenly, the hero finds himself in a time loop, not understanding how it happened. Each new day is now similar to the previous one and begins with a fight not for life, but for death.

On a note! The film contains a lot of bloody scenes, so it is not recommended for viewing by persons under the age of 16.

Opponents come across different, among them:

  • Strong man with machete
  • Pretty women in a fast car
  • Helicopter gunner
  • Chinese woman with a sword
  • Gnome Exploder.

And this is not all the psychopaths that the daredevil had to face. But as soon as Roy dies, everything starts again. Hope appears when he learns that his ex-girlfriend was engaged in secret development before she died. And the hero decides to find out the reason for her sudden death, prevent it and get out of the time loop at all costs.


  • Frank Grillo, best known for the 2011 sports film Warrior.
  • Mel Gibson, winner of two Oscars
  • Naomi Watts, the protagonist of the famous movie “King Kong”
  • Ken Jeong from The Hangover Part 2
  • Annabelle Wallis, who starred in the recently hit film The Mummy

and others.

Interesting! The film is dedicated to Frank Grillo’s mother, who passed away in 2019.

Plot Explanation

Despite the fact that Roy is killed every time, you can start to rejoice: here it is, immortality. And in the intervals between slaughters, you can have time to get drunk! But it’s time to pull yourself together and find out the details of what is happening. Here it turns out a lot of interesting things.

For example, that his son dies with him when he is idle. And also the fact that the main Boss is watching all his actions with the help of a beacon. Well, the cherry on the cake is that if you still put up with everything, then the end of the world will come. Here you like it or not, but the world must be saved. However, the meaning of the film Boss Level was not clear to all viewers.

What is the essence of the ending

The meaning of the ending of the movie Boss Level is ambiguous and has many different variations. In the end, Roy achieved his goal: he got rid of all psychopathic killers, the former but beloved Jenna and son are safe, and even the main Boss is defeated. But the “Spindle of Osiris” – that very time machine, is still not destroyed. Jenna has been working on this device for many years, but even she does not know how to stop it, because the time machine is connected to Roy’s DNA. And they with their son and Jenna will die again and again.

Without thinking twice, the former commando decides to enter the Spindle of Osiris to stop the ruthless system. Most likely, Roy will die, but he is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of his loved ones. Therefore, he enters the time machine and in the last frame we see his face disappearing in flashes of energy. Most likely, this film belongs to the category of those where the director leaves the viewer to think out the ending. There can be three options:

  • Roy, having entered the time machine and thereby stopping its action, survived. Perhaps he just lost his immortality and the heroes are waiting for a happy ending.
  • The body of the former commando could not withstand such a strong flow of energy and speed of particles, and the hero bravely dies inside a terrible device. But on the other hand, his relatives and friends will now live in peace, because all the villains have been defeated and order has reigned in the world.
  • The last version is a little confusing, but it also has a place to be. The fact is that the very name of the time machine – “The Spindle of Osiris” has a reference to one of the ancient Greek myths. Namely – to the myth of Osiris and Isis. The god of chaos and death – the great Seth kills Osiris out of envy. His wife Isis, with the help of various magical rituals and the power of love, resurrects her husband, but they are not destined to be together. This is because, having been in the afterlife, Osiris learned too much and the kingdom of the dead did not let him go back to the living.
    Therefore, it is likely that Roy was also consumed by the device and became a superhuman after being reborn. And this did not allow him to return home.

One way or another, we will not know what exactly the director wanted to convey to us, so in any case we will have to think. In general, the film is quite tense and requires careful attention to detail. But anyway, it’s worth watching. At least in order to once again be surprised how many original plots can follow from the seemingly usual topic about the time matrix.

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  1. Daniel

    Osiris and Isis are from Egyptian mythology, not Greek.