The Wave Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film The Wave is filled with crime, illusions, dynamic scenes and humor. The viewer, along with the characters of the film, goes on an exciting journey. This adventure promises to be rich and interesting. The matrix of time, unpredictable events and unforgettable impressions. Who is ready to experience vivid emotions together with the characters of the film? Tom should definitely watch the fantastic thriller The Wave. How will the hero change during his journey? Let’s try to unravel the hidden meaning of the film.

The meaning of the movie The Wave

The true meaning of the sci-fi thriller. The storyline of The Wave revolves around time loops. Stylish and original film captures the attention of the audience from the first minutes. Despite the presence of crime scenes and a sense of unreality of what is happening, the film contains “food” for thought. It’s not just a captivating picture. The motion picture The Wave is a deep film with philosophical motives.

Initially, the plot of the film seems banal. An up-and-coming lawyer is preparing for an important event. His future career depends on the outcome of this event. However, he ruined everything on his own. The night before, he took an unknown substance from a stranger. The hero wanted to relax, to have fun. But instead, he was struck by incessant hallucinations. The character again and again “fails” in time. He cannot reproduce some significant events in his memory. In the head of a promising lawyer, everything was mixed up.

During his incredible illusory journey, the character has done things that defy logic. Some actions of the hero can be called extremely dangerous. A character can return to the present only if a number of conditions are met. First, he must correct his mistakes made by him in the past. Secondly, the lawyer needs to do a good deed for the future. Difficult and almost impossible task. The hero will have to make a lot of efforts to achieve the desired result.

Nobody canceled the boomerang law. This phrase is the true meaning of the movie The Wave. A successful lawyer has committed an act that can be interpreted differently from different sides. From the point of view of the law, his act is not punishable. Business will approve of his actions. But if we proceed from moral values, his act can be called ugly and wrong. The duties of a lawyer included finding loopholes, legitimate reasons not to pay insurance compensation to clients if an insured event suddenly happened to them.

After the described actions in the film, we see a completely different picture. This is an alternate reality. The same successful lawyer. The character again commits acts that cannot be called legal. But now the company’s management condemns his actions. His actions defy rational explanation. They are not logical, but at the same time “karmically” true.

Two stories. The creators decided to “cut” them into pieces and mix well. Reality and illusion. Acceptance by society and complete rejection. The chaotic order of the constituent parts makes the viewers “break” their heads, looking at the events taking place on the screen. This is The Wave.

If for the viewer this film represents the reckless and inexplicable actions of the protagonist, committed by him under the influence of a potent substance, then the meaning of the film remained unsolved by him. The Wave is a puzzle presented by the director to true connoisseurs of puzzle tapes. The creators throughout the film left clues to help viewers understand the events taking place on the screen.

The meaning of the finale of the movie The Wave

The moral growth of a hero who has overcome an incredible journey through time cannot but be replaced. The character realized many life values ​​that he had previously turned a blind eye to. The film The Wave is not as simple as it seems at first glance. While watching, the audience has a lot of questions regarding the logic of the events taking place, the storyline. The answers can be found at the end of the movie.

The voice-over speaks of ideas filled with purity and deep meaning. In the final part of the film, we see the metamorphoses that have taken place with the main character. After watching the tape, the viewer thinks about the meaning of his life, about his purpose. We begin to scroll through our past, evaluating the years we have lived. Time travel is a great opportunity to rethink your priorities. What do we spend the most precious thing we have on?

The point of The Wave ending is to show that our time is limited. We won’t be forever young. The years go by. The past cannot be returned. These life thoughts are important to feel, to feel for everyone. An aimless existence will not make us happy and successful. You cannot earn respect in society by doing ugly things. Every action must be considered. The lack of moral values ​​leads to unpleasant and even deplorable consequences. Man should learn to take responsibility for his actions.

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