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“The Thrill Is Gone” was the biggest hit ever by legendary guitarist Riley B King, better known as BB King. But did you know that the “King of the Blues” is not the author of the famous song? He conquered the charts and the hearts of the public with a cover version of the work of Roy Hawkins, radically changing the original.

American singer and pianist Roy Hawkins co-wrote the song with Rick Darnell. It is performed on behalf of a guy who addresses the girl who broke his heart.

The album was released in 1951 and climbed to number six on the Billboard Rhythm & Blues chart.

During the fifties, BB King worked as a radio DJ in Memphis and often played Hawkins’ tracks on the air. He was going to perform “The Thrill Is Gone” for a long time, but his attempts seemed unsuccessful to him.

It was a different kind of blues ballad and I had it in my head for years.

Rolling stone

It wasn’t until June 1969 that BB King realized his vision for “The Thrill Is Gone” by recording a track with producer Bill Szymczyk (later to work with The Eagles).

The Thrill Is Gone - B.B. King

The single was released in December. The song peaked at number three on the Best Selling Soul Singles and peaked at number fifteen on the main Billboard chart.

She earned B.B. King a Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance and secured him a spot in the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Let’s watch the music video from Live at Montreux in 1993.

BB King recorded an excellent version of the song with American singer Tracy Chapman. The video clip was directed by Thom Oliphant, who recalled:

For “The Thrill Is Gone” we created the story of a guy looking back on his life and the best moments that happened in it. I mean, this song is a true classic. And how do you make a video for it?

Watch the video for “The Thrill Is Gone” performed by BB King and Tracey Chapman.

Over the years, the composition has been performed by many famous musicians, including Aretha Franklin, The Crusaders and even Christina Aguilera. Eric Clapton played her on multiple occasions alongside King.

Interesting Facts

  • The B.B. King version is featured on Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest tracks of all time.

Thrill Is Gone lyricsThrill Is Gone LyricsThe thrill is gone
The thrill is gone
The thrill is gone baby
The thrill is gone
You know you done me wrong baby
And you’ll be sorry someday
The thrill is gone forever
The thrill is gone, baby
The thrill is gone forever
You know you treated me bad
And one day you’ll regret it The thrill is gone
It’s gone away from me
The thrill is gone baby
The thrill is gone from me
Although I’ll still live on
But so lonely I’ll be
I don’t have it left
The thrill is gone, baby
There is no more trepidation in me
But I will live on
Though I’ll be so alone The thrill is gone
It’s gone away for good
The thrill is gone baby
It’s gone away for good
Someday I know I’ll be open armed baby
Just like I know a good man should
He disappeared forever
The thrill is gone, baby
He disappeared forever
I know that one day I will open my arms
Like a good man should, you know I’m free, free now baby
I’m free from your spell
Oh I’m free, free, free now
I’m free from your spell
And now that it’s all over
All I can do is wish you well
I am free from your spell
Oh I’m free, free now
I am free from your spell
And now that it’s over
I can only wish you well

Song quote

Building the main melody on a blues-rock basis, King gives the whole song a very rich feeling and jazz zest, attacking every verse with life-weary vocals, as well as radical and expressive guitar arpeggios.

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