Meaning of the song What do we need? by Earring

In 1994, a former member of the “Brigada S” and other musical groups, Sergei Galanin, presented his debut solo record. The album “Dog Waltz” became the starting point in the history of the rock group “Earring”. It included several wonderful compositions at once, but through the efforts of music radio stations, the song “What do we need” turned out to be the main hit.

The history of creation and the meaning of the song “What do we need”

Sergey Galanin told how he wrote the composition.

“What do we need?” it turned out in a weird way. I always treated her very simply, she wrote quickly. Those artists who carelessly treat their hits are cunning. In addition, we play this song every year in a new way. But the most important thing is that it contains words that you could write a hundred years ago, and you will write a hundred years later. There have always been wars.

The meaning of the song “What do we need”

The author also explained what the song is about.

“What do we need?” can be understood literally as an eternal struggle between good and evil, a war with oneself. The song appeared even before the Chechen war. She wrote from the feeling that something terrible had begun to happen in our country. When a la “freedom” appeared in 1987-1988, it made us happy. In 1993, when the song was written, it began to strain.

That is why I never get tired of playing it at concerts. The song is in demand, and I treat it with gratitude and I can’t say how tired I am of it. This is going to be some kind of nonsense.

“Arguments and Facts – Omsk”

In the album “Dog Waltz” the track “What do we need” is on the eighth line.

Clip “What do we need”

The video clip for the song “What do we need” was shot by director Vitaly Mukhametzyanov from the Mukha studio.

Lyrics of the song “What do we need” Earring

Exhale, inhale. It’s good to breathe
Black peas yes not easy to swallow
Bullets and barrel – pressed and dispersed
Where is good, where is evil – try to figure it out

What do I need? Yes, just a light in the window
What am I dreaming about? that the war is over
Where am I going? Where the sun shines
That’s just, brothers, get used before dark

Step another. Far from happiness
Hey brother, wait, I know it’s not easy
Wash your face, shave, smile
Come out on the porch, bow to freedom

Song Quotes

… personally, the Aesopian language is closer to me. When you sing about those things that are out of time … For example, 20 years have passed since the song “What do we need?”, And it is still interesting. Yes, from a historical point of view, 20 years is a short period, but from the point of view of rock and roll, not every song can live that long.

… I sometimes read on the Internet how young people write: “I don’t know who sings, but the song is super!”.

Sergey Galanin, AiF-Omsk

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