The Matrix Resurrections Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Analysis of plot & interesting facts about the film The Matrix Resurrections. We waited for this: the premiere of the film The Matrix Resurrections took place on December 16 of this year. The world has changed a lot in 18 years. There have been changes in the creative team of the film. So, the creators of the picture were the sisters Lily and Lana Wachowski, who were brothers while working on the third part of the tape. Also, we will not see Laurence Fishburne in the film: the role of Morpheus is now performed by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

What is The Matrix Resurrection about?

The first minutes of the film are a reference to the opening scene of the first part of the film. Agents are chasing Trinity. Two new characters are watching this: Seka and Bugs. The main character is arrested. Observers make the assumption that this is just a simulation of the past. Here they are noticed by agents. Bugs ends up in Neo’s former apartment. This is where one of the agents comes in. But this is Morpheus. Bugs brings him out of the matrix, their task is to find Neo.

Neo (Thomas Anderson in the world) is currently working as a game designer. He does not remember his heroic past. At one time, he created the successful video game The Matrix. Here we learn that everything that happened in the first three films was just a game that Anderson created. The new owners of the company want to restart the franchise, but Neo is reluctant to agree to this. Now he suffers from visions and nightmares about the unreality of the world. The therapist prescribes blue pills called Ontolofloxin for him.

In a coffee shop, he meets a woman named Tiffany. It’s actually Trinity. In ordinary life, she is married and has two children. Like Anderson, she remembers nothing of life outside of the Matrix, but she is drawn to Thomas. They agreed to meet again.

Suddenly, Anderson’s company announces a fire alarm. Morpheus distracts Thomas. He offers him one of two pills to get out of the Matrix. Thomas refuses. He goes on a new date with Trinity-Tiffany. The man’s anxiety intensifies.

In the same cafe, he meets a woman named Bugs, who tells Thomas his story. Neo follows the white rabbit on her shoulder. So Anderson gets on the ship Mnemosyne. Bugs, already known to us, is here for the captain. She tells him the further history of Zion and Neo. It turns out that the city was destroyed. Now people who are disconnected from the “Matrix” live in another city – Io. During this time, Niobe became the general of the human army, she also controls the city of Io. Today machines are at war with each other.

Trinity is released from the Matrix. At the end of the film, it is revealed that the world of the Matrix is ​​a game of the Architect’s mind: a simulation within a simulation. But the main characters declare that they will now build this world themselves. Trinity is also chosen.

Interesting facts about the film

This is the first movie in the franchise to be filmed digitally. For the first three parts, the Super 35 format was used. The time gap between the events of the third and fourth films is 60 years; The filmmakers planned that the fourth “Matrix” would be released a little earlier. By the beginning of 2020, work on the moments that were created in San Francisco was completed. Filming of the Berlin episodes had to be rescheduled due to the pandemic; Performers of the main female roles, on the set together are not the first time. Carrie Ann Moss has previously collaborated with Jessica Henwick on Iron Fist and The Defenders. Both projects are owned by Marvel; While working in San Francisco, many buildings and street lamps were damaged. This could not but anger the inhabitants of the city. But the creators of the picture paid in advance a fine for possible damage to the city of the San Francisco Police Department: In the new film, there is no charismatic Hugo Weaving either. The fact is that during the filming, the actor was involved in the National Theater. The actor failed to coordinate the schedule of filming and performances in the theater; One of the composers of the film was the outstanding German director Tom Tykwer. At one time he became famous for the tapes “Run, Lola, Run”, “Paris, I love you” and “Perfumer”. With the Wachowski sisters, he previously worked on the film “The Eighth Sense”. Tykwer is the author of music for many of his films. The film also features compositions by Jefferson Airplane and Brass Against.

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