The novel “Children of Captain Grant”: how the book of the famous writer Jules Verne ended

The French writer Jules Verne wrote a lot of wonderful works in his life, which children and teenagers read with great pleasure even today.

If you do not have time to fully read books due to employment, then we offer you our article.

Today we’re going to look at the ending of Captain Grant’s Children, also taking some time to explain the plot so the concept is clear. So sit back, it will be interesting!

Briefly about the work

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Jules Verne’s novel was first published in 1968. The success of the work was so serious that the author thought about the trilogy, which he subsequently implemented. In different years after that, the novels “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, as well as “The Mysterious Island” were published.

Captain Grant’s Children is a travel classic in which the main characters’ adventures take place both on land and at sea.

The plot of the novel on the fingers

One of the ships is wrecked at sea. It soon becomes known that all the crew members, except for three, were killed. However, Captain Grant and his assistants manage to escape. Their location is unknown.

Only fragmentary information about that area falls into the hands of Lord Glenarvan. He decides to shell his own rescue expedition despite the fact the Admiralty refused to participate in the undertaking.

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The Lord and his wife get in touch with the children of Captain Grant – Mary and Robert. The boy is just 12 years old and the girl is 16 years old. Glenarvan collects a team for long-distance navigation.

The Lord himself, his wife Helen, the children of Captain Grant and Major McNabbs become the first members of the crew. Among others, John Mangles stands out – a relative of the lord and the captain of the ship. He is extremely young, but smart and literate. The crew also included twenty-three other people, including mate Tom Austin.

After the departure of the ship, it becomes known that there is one more crew member, since the young man Jacques Paganel mixed up the ships. Having learned about the purpose of the trip, he agrees to continue the journey in the direction chosen in advance.

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After a series of adventures, the team becomes aware that Captain Grant and his assistants have been captured by the natives on the east coast of Australia. Having landed there, young people are left without a team, and are captured by cannibals.

The lord on the ship decides to land the boatswain Ayrton on the island of Tabor. Soon it also becomes known that Captain Grant himself landed a sailor for trying to raise a riot. By a coincidence, it was on this uninhabited island of Tabor that Grant and his assistants survived all this time. Mission accomplished.

How did the book end

So how did the novel “Children of Captain Grant” end? After the miraculous rescue of the remaining members of the sunken ship, the lord and all the participants of the campaign with the rescued are sent back to Europe. Upon arrival in Scotland, it becomes known that Mary Grant has had tender feelings for the captain of the ship, John Mangles, all this time, and they decide to get engaged.

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Paganel decides to marry the cousin of Major McNabbs, but young Robert, like his brave father, becomes a brave sailor, whom the world has not yet seen.

So we have a happy ending, as expected. This is not to say that the author did not think through all the development of the plot in advance. Therefore, such an ending is quite natural and correct.

This concludes our analysis. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. And that’s all we have. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles!

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