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7 Little-known Facts And What Does A Naked Man Breaking Into A House Have To Do With It. There have been a ton of action films released worldwide in recent years, and 2021 was no exception. However, the film “Nobody” (2021) directed by Ilya Naishuller sunk into the soul of many.

Today we’ll talk about whether the picture is so good, what facts have been hidden from fans for a long time, and what does a naked man breaking into a house have to do with it. Get comfortable, we’re getting started.

Hollywood blockbuster

According to information from Kinopoisk, the film’s budget was 16 million dollars, the box office in the US alone exceeded it by 10.1 million, and the worldwide release added the same amount. As a result, the profit from impressions and advertising was twice the initial investment. Success? Success!

It is known that Russian actors Alexei Serebryakov and Alexander Pal got big roles in the film Nobody, and Bob Odenkirk, the hero of the series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, became the main face of the picture.

Synopsis (no spoilers)

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The main character of the film is a simple man named Hutch Mansell. He spends boring days at the factory and has a cold relationship with his family. Only the daughter is sincerely attached to her father. The neighbor, who constantly shows off with money, adds fuel to the fire. In this rhythm, day after day passes.

However, everything changes dramatically at night, when robbers break into the main character’s house. But what happened next, you better see for yourself.

We have finished with the introductory part, and now we can proceed to the facts.

Fact #1

A team of specialists who definitely know a lot about creating action thrillers worked on the film. The script for the film was written by Derek Kolstad, who previously worked on John Wick, David Leitch himself (Explosive Blonde) became the producer, and Ilya Naishuller, who had previously filmed Hardcore, was the director.

The actor Bob Odenkirk himself admitted in an interview that during the filming he was notably crushed and “knocked out a lot of shit.” Scenes with the broken face of the protagonist confirm this.

Fact #2

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For the star of several successful series, “Nobody” was a great option to get out of his comfort zone. Odenkirk said something like this about this: “I really wanted to go as far as I could and turn around in the diametrically opposite direction. I just trusted the young director and allowed myself to do what he says.”

Fact #3

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Fans of Alexei Serebryakov can be satisfied – a very important and big role was found for him here. Previously, the actor has repeatedly flashed in a number of foreign films, and here he played a specialist “in unofficial affairs.”

Fact #4

The initiator of writing the script was Bob Odenkirk himself. He came to Kolstad and proposed the idea of ​​a new action movie. And it all started with the successful showing of Better Call Saul in Asia.

Good ratings from critics and viewers led the actor to the idea that he wants to create a film that will be shown all over the world. Then he looked at himself in the mirror, realized that he was in good shape. The last straw was the previous characters of Odenkirk, who have always been distinguished by fortitude.

And so the script for the film “Nobody” appeared.

Fact #5

It was impossible to do without a fight in an action movie, so the actor for the main role trained hard for two years under the supervision of experienced stuntmen, studied boxing, karate, judo, and learned to handle firearms.

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Fact #6

The film “Nobody” is based on a true story that happened to Odenkirk. So, strangers entered his house several times. The last time it was a naked drug addict who opened the lock, climbed into the basement, frightening the son and wife of the actor, and then disappeared into the basement, where he began to satisfy himself.

Odenkirk then locked the door to the basement and called the cops. Everything worked out, but, as they say, the sediment remained. The actor himself admits that after the incident, he did not leave the thought that he could have done more in this situation.

Fact #7

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The leading actor compared “Nobody” with the action movies of the 70s. Odenkirk admitted that in some episodes he really wanted to defuse the pressure by winking or laughing, as he did in Better Call Saul. However, the plot and the requirements of the director did not allow this.

Therefore, the actor had a comparison of his character with “a lonely guy who wanders down the street.”

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