The Most Anticipated Films Of 2022: What Fans Of Quality Films Should Expect

2022 will please movie fans more, because large studios are preparing quite high-quality independent films, as well as continuations of existing franchises. So today, let’s take a look at a few expected films of 2022, which loyal fans and simple lovers of quality films are definitely waiting for.

So sit back, it will be interesting!

Thor: Love and Thunder

ThorPhoto: blimey

Another high-profile Marvel project in 2022 is the fourth film about the thunder god Thor, played by the already beloved Chris Hemsworth.

The plot also remains unknown, but almost 100% we can say that the film will feature the beloved Thor Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman.

This time, Thor’s opponent will be Gorr (Christian Bale), who gained fame as the killer of the most powerful gods in the universe.

Genre – fantasy, action, adventure.

Black Adam

Movie Black AdamPhoto: playground

The expansion of the DC Universe has led to the imminent appearance on the screen of a new, extremely famous character from the comics, Black Adam. The image of the giant on the screen will be embodied by Dwayne Johnson.

While there is little information about the plot on the network, however, from the comic book series, we know that the main character is an anti-hero who prefers self-will, and does not consider himself to be either good or completely evil.

The story of Adam begins in the territory of Ancient Egypt, when the wizard Shazam was able to endow him with incredible abilities. However, the successor, whom the magician saw in the hero, completely disappointed him.

Genre – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action.


Borderlands Photo: blimey

The basis of this picture was the popular series of games of the same name. Events will unfold in the distant future, when humanity will be able to actively colonize distant planets.

The once calm terrain of one of the planets becomes a battlefield, when resources in the bowels and on the surface become less and less. The worst thing is that the hunters simply have nothing to lose, so they are ready for anything.

Genre – fantasy, action, thriller, comedy, adventure.

Mission Impossible 7

Mission Impossible 7Photo: blimey

Another continuation of the adventure story about agent Ethan Hunt, who has not yet named the film. It is noteworthy that 59-year-old Tom Cruise still performs some of the dangerous stunts on his own. Judging by the footage already shown from the filming, Hunt will have to save humanity for the seventh time, and this will require him to fall on a motorcycle into a huge abyss.

Genre – action, thriller, adventure.

Avatar 2

Stills from the movie Avatar 2Photo: blimey

Here is a continuation of the legendary story about a disabled war veteran Jake Sully, who joined the indigenous Na`vi in ​​the fight against the RDA corporation.

In the second part, several years have passed since the victory of his people over people. A man with his beloved lives peacefully, they have children. However, representatives of humanity do not leave attempts to get to the treasured resources. Therefore, they create more advanced weapons.

Jake and his wife Neytiri will have to leave their home to find salvation on another part of the planet Pandora.

Genre – fantasy, action, thriller, adventure

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