Wonder Woman Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The movie Wonder Woman (2017) starts right at the end. The viewer sees the main character Diana performed by Gal Gadot. She is sitting at the table and looking at a photograph, obviously taken in the last century, during the First World War itself. The film takes us to the past, and the whole film is essentially the memories of the heroine.

The childhood of young Diana is carefree and full of adventures. She lives on the island of Themyscira (or Themyscira), which, according to DC comics and ancient literature, is an Amazon city. Little Diana secretly watched the strong and fearless Amazons during training and dreamed of becoming the same warrior herself, but the queen of the Amazons Hippolyta (part-time Diana’s mother) was against her daughter’s early training. While getting ready for bed, Hippolyta tells Diana about where the Amazons came from. It turns out that Zeus created humanity, and his people were perfect. However, the son of Zeus Ares, better known as the god of war, envied the creation of his father and planted hatred, suspicion and darkness in people’s hearts, which turned them against each other. Violent wars began, and the world was filled with anger. In response, Zeus created the Amazons, whose purpose was to maintain a balance of peace and harmony. Before Ares brutally killed all the gods, including his father, Zeus managed to leave the Amazons with a weapon that could defeat even the god himself.

The film is filled with many references to mythology. The most obvious references are the direct references to the gods described above. Even the Amazons are mentioned in real ancient Greek myths, which many may not be aware of. The link to mythology perfectly complements the film, making it even more intense.

According to the plot, Diana begins to train in secret from her mother with her own aunt, who teaches her to be stronger than the rest of the Amazons on the island. Her aunt is strict with her and convinces her that she is stronger than she seems at first glance. Soon, the mother finds out about the secret training, but her sister convinces her that this is necessary to protect Diana, and the queen of the Amazons no longer resists. Several years pass, and Diana shows incredible progress. During a violent attack, the Amazon princess accidentally injures her aunt with a shock wave, causing her to become frightened and run away to a cliff where she sees the plane crash. She rushes to the aid of the passenger of the sinking plane and saves him. After the Germans attacked the island of the Amazons, Diana learns that a bloody war is going on in the world, and decides to go with Steve (the same saved man) to the real world and save people from Ares, who, according to legend, unleashes wars.

Steve Trevor and the princess get to London and go to the top leadership, in whose hands they pass a secret notebook with formulas for poisonous gases that the Germans want to use in the war. Trevor is told not to interfere in the course of the battle, and he is forced to retreat, but later he still secretly gathers his own squad of three people (not counting Diana). During various battles, Diana heroically saves the village with civilians, goes with her comrades to a celebration, where she tries to kill Ludendorff, one of the German commanders in chief, and later, with the help of a tip, goes right behind him and after a short battle pierces him with her sword.

It seems to Diana that everything is over, because she considered General Ludendorff to be Ares, the culprit of all wars, but she was mistaken. German soldiers continue to prepare planes for a major gas attack that could kill thousands of people. Steve and his friends are trying to stop the planes from taking off, and at this time, Diana learns the truth about Ares and realizes that Sir Patrick is to blame for everything, who throughout the film pretended to help Steve’s team. After a fierce battle, Diana realizes that people are not as bad as Ares says they are, and this helps her defeat the god of war. The end of the film is filled with hope and faith in humanity.

The meaning of the finale and the whole film as a whole lies in the fact that people have not only an evil side, but also a bright one; and Diana speaks about this directly to her final rival. Despite the darkness that reigns in the souls of many, humanity still has a chance for salvation, as long as real goodness lives in our hearts.

Also in the film, the theme of self-confidence, inner strength and one’s own originality can be traced as a red thread. This idea will surely inspire many young (and not only young) viewers to accomplish feats and overcome difficulties.

Not the last place in the picture is the theme of love. The heroine herself in the finale says that love will save this world (a similar topic was touched upon in the notorious Interstellar). A very warm and sweet ending to an action movie.

This film is filled with many different ideas that are perfectly revealed in the finale and leave behind a pleasant mood.

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