The meaning of Wilkie Collins’ novel “The Woman in White” or how to lead readers by the nose with intrigue, and then say nothing

Wilkie Collins and his work are little known to domestic readers, despite the fact that he was a contemporaries of Dickens, which is more favorably accepted in the Russian-speaking environment.

Nevertheless, today we will talk about the meaning of the novel “The Woman in White” by Collins, consider the features of the author and a brief plot. So sit back, it will be interesting!

Features of the author and his work

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The work of Collins cannot be taken separately from Dickens, since he was the messiah for the younger author. If there is no such understanding, then the novel will be just for lovers of an intricate and slightly incomprehensible plot that keeps you in suspense throughout the book, and then does not answer the main question. In general, talking about nothing for a long time is the prerogative of smart people.

So Wilkie absorbed this skill. No wonder he published the first version of the novel in the Dickens magazine.

In part, Collins himself became an innovator in the genre, as he was the first to come up with the idea that it was possible to tell a story from the perspective of several characters. The genius of the move is that you can significantly increase the number of words, that is, the volume, and talk about the same thing.

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It is noteworthy that the writers of the 19th century always dominated large volumes, since then they received royalties purely from periodicals that were distributed by subscription. Accordingly, the longer the epic in the magazine, the more the author will receive for his creation.

If you don’t really like marking time, then the work of Dickens and Collins will not be to your liking. However, if you have everything in order with the train of thought, and you can keep an eye on the main outline of the narrative, despite the efforts of the author, then The Woman in White will suit you.

Brief story

Here is a detective story that takes place in the XIX century. It is exclusively for patient readers who will be interested in watching the ups and downs of the main characters, as well as the constant jumping of the plot from one place to another.

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It is also a story about a terrible crime, the fragility of love, which can really hang by a thread. The story itself unfolds in the format of a diary with memories of what happened earlier with the main characters.

Many people have a question about the insipidity of individual heroes against the background of others. This is understandable, because in fact the confrontation is between only a few main characters. For example, between the experienced criminal Count Fosco and the modern Joan of Arc, the ardent and courageous girl Marion Golcombe.

This is a confrontation for the right to recognize a woman not just as a living being, but as a person who has the right to an independent and free life. A woman is trying to defend her natural rights to her decisions, to control her feelings and life.

At the same time, the main villain of the novel, Count Fosco, is rightfully considered one of the best in English classical literature. This is a prudent, dodgy, amazingly logical criminal who will do everything to achieve the desired result.

The meaning of the novel

The main meaning of the novel is the opportunity for a woman to independently decide her own fate in an environment that completely wants to suppress individuality in favor of collectivism.

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Yes, in England at that time it was not customary to consider a woman an independent person, since it was believed that she should only serve a man of noble origin, as well as take care of household life and children.

However, Marion appears on the scene, striving to defend her rights in a male society. All this takes place against the background of a glitzy and high society, as well as a rural area where every family has a mass of skeletons in the closet.

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