The meaning of the visual novel “Watchmen” or how to show supers from a human point of view

Here is the original graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons called “Watchmen”, who agreed to the proposal of Zack Snyder to film their creation. But more on that later.

Today we will consider the meaning of the work, talk about the genre and plot. So sit back, it will be interesting!

Is this a comic


The book, which consists of 12 chapters-issues, actually weighs under two kilograms. You won’t be able to just take a walk with it and indulge in reading somewhere in the park. All this reminds us once again of the seriousness of the work.

It’s important to understand that Watchmen is not just a comic book with terrible graphics. The quality of drawing here is not so striking, even though the work is a graphic novel.

However, this project is taken not by drawing, but by a wonderful plot and atmosphere. It is captivating that in the alternative world of the 80s of the last century in the USA there is a group of superheroes. However, most do not have any abilities, and take only equipment, training and physical fitness. There are exceptions, of course. For example, Dr. Manhattan is a new incarnation of God who knows everything about everyone at any given moment.

Movie comparison

Watchmen charactersPhoto:

After reading the graphic novel, you may want to watch a movie adaptation of the work. Well, Zack Snyder did a good job with the film, and really created a dark atmosphere. However, the timing was still not enough to better reveal the main characters, their motives and experiences, and also showed insufficient interaction with the environment.

You can hardly blame the director for this, because, in a good way, you need to make several full-fledged films there to fit everything that Moore and Gibbons came up with.

Yes, the original story is much better. But if you are too lazy to read a two-kilogram book, then still watch the movie. He’s not bad.

Brief story

So, the story tells us about a group of superheroes who have practically no superpowers. Yes, with rare exceptions. However, these people are deeply traumatized morally, and even more than ordinary people.

Guardian CharactersPhoto:

Due to a number of dubious stories with supers and the deterioration of the attitude of citizens towards them, the activities of supers became illegal at the state level. This forced the former detachment to break up, let’s say, hang the suits on a carnation.

The main plot begins after the entire peaceful existence of the supers is interrupted by the terrible news that one of the team members was killed. After that, each character starts his own game, the fruits of which you definitely cannot predict.

It is also important to mention that the novel has an age rating of 18+, as there is enough crime in it. As they say, cruelly, but sincerely. And that’s what Guardians are all about.

The meaning of the work

The meaning of the visual novel “Watchmen” is to show the cruelty, immorality of the world around, as well as people who all find the strength to do something good.

However, before us are not simple and clichéd positivists who hover in the clouds of their theories. Oh no. These are smoky people who have drunk a cup of brown liquid and have seen too much in their lifetime.


Therefore, they follow a simple truth – goodness must be with fists. Therefore, they are well equipped, have no pity for real criminals, and try to maintain a semblance of order at least on a small piece of land.

However, what to do with the wounds that have settled in the soul and mind? Our supers are not inhabitants of distant planets, but the same people with their own desires and vices. Therefore, the novel is also about how each of us struggles with our inner self, which sometimes tells us to do truly terrible things.

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