Ham, Ham Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film “Ham, Ham” was released back in 1992. So what is this film about and most importantly, what is its meaning?

The meaning of the Spanish film Ham, Ham

It all starts with Jose Luis that the son of a businessman (he has his own tailoring factory) falls in love with Sylvia, a very simple girl. She works in a canteen at a factory, and the fact that her mother works as a prostitute does not add to her attractiveness. It is not easy to guess that Conchita, the mother of José Luis, is completely against his choice. The situation becomes critical when she learns that the beloved are expecting a child and are preparing for the wedding. The head of the family is very neutral about what is happening.

As a result, Conchita decides on a very cunning act. She hires handsome Raul to seduce Sylvia, thus breaking the upcoming marriage. Raul looks like a typical sexy jock. By the way, he works as a ham seller, which will play an important role in this film. Raul receives an expensive motorcycle as a gift and proceeds to seduce the young heroine. In the end, the girl surrenders under the pressure of a handsome man, but the story does not end on a stormy bed scene.

Conchita herself succumbed to the spell of the charming Raul and wanted to seduce him herself. So the young man found himself between two fires: the young Sylvia and the experienced Conchita.

Sylvia, at this moment, realizes that she is completely disappointed in her fiancé and considers him completely insignificant. And José Luis’s father wastes no time and seduces Sylvia himself. It turns out that the father of the unfortunate lover had views of Sylvia from the very beginning.

Naturally, Jose Luis finds out that his fiancee turned out to be unfaithful. He goes berserk and tries to sleep with her prostitute mother for revenge.
At the very end of the film, José Luis gets into a fight with Raul. The battle is fierce and the main character dies. What makes death comical is that the men fought with huge pork hams.

The meaning of the film is reflected in its title. After all, each hero of the film acts as a piece of meat, on which there are gourmets. It all comes down to the fact that any human feelings, emotions and needs lead to one thing – sex.

In general, the whole film is like a long-running soap opera. There are many intrigues, sex scenes, love polygons. Hot Spanish blood flows in each of the characters.

It is interesting to observe how people succumb to base passions. Marriages, both those that have not yet begun, and those that have existed for many years, collapse under the pressure of sexual arousal.

In fact, the film makes fun of the image of a hot sexy macho. Here he is not deified. compared to a piece of meat. Yes, they want to have it, but only for a while. Having received satisfaction, as from a juicy piece of meat, they forget about it.

The ending of the movie is quite sad. No love. There are no elevated feelings. Not even family values. The world is ruled by lust and depravity. People are pieces of meat. However, life without meat is bad. Therefore, the result is disappointing, it remains to put up with such a world order and enjoy what we have. But the main thing is not to drown in such passions.

We all remember Maslow’s pyramid of needs. Food and sex come first. The film only reveals it. Yes, exaggerated, but absolutely real. People will always have an animal nature and it will not work to get rid of their instincts. It’s just that someone has more cowardice, anger, lust, and someone less. However, it all boils down to the fact that under certain circumstances, anyone will choose a “piece of meat” instead of something sublime and immaculate.

It also works because psychologically a person is more inclined to take what he can get now than what will be only in the future. And even with the risk of missing out on something better, a person will choose what he has here and now. Especially when it comes to a juicy piece of ham or a hot sexual partner. And in this film, there is a bold equal sign between two such concepts.

There are no deep meanings in this film, everything is so on the surface – instincts rule the world and nothing can be done about it, all that remains is to accept and control yourself.

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