The Fold Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The girl struggles not to fall into the sinister void. The heroine is on edge. On the verge of life and death. One extra move and she will fly into the abyss. Despite the fact that the picture The Fold (2013) is a short film, it contains a deep meaning. What lies ahead for the heroine? Can she get out of her trap?

The meaning of the film The Fold

Doubts, torments, experiences of a girl who is on the edge of a cliff can hardly be overestimated. The heroine clearly understands that several wrong decisions separate her from the fall. Below is an abyss in which gloom and darkness reign. Above – the bottomless sky, which amazes with its immensity. Above the girl’s head is only blue.

It is at such moments that a girl thinks about the transience of life, its unpredictability. The heroine is on the edge. Only a wrong move separates her from inevitable death. Such a burden of responsibility for their existence is not for everyone. One has only to close your eyes, relax, and you will inevitably fly into the abyss. Therefore, the girl keeps her finger on the pulse. She is focused. Dozens of thoughts run through her head. From nervous tension, she cannot correctly assess the situation.

The only goal of the girl is to stay on the bend. She just can’t slide down. This is a matter of life and death. Everything is at stake. The girl understands this very well. The heroine rests so strongly with her whole body that blood appears on her palms. But she doesn’t feel pain. All her attention is focused on the main thing. The girl can’t afford to give up.

The heroine bitterly realizes that her strength is running out. However, she still cannot decide what action to take. She needs to get out. It’s the only thing she cares about. The rest of the problems and sorrows faded into the background. If human life is at stake, other hardships simply cease to exist. The meaning of the short film The Fold is that it is at critical moments that a person begins to think about true values. Many people think that their life is a long story. But it is not always the case. People live as if they will exist forever.

A sheer wall is an obstacle that the heroine faced on her life path. The viewer becomes a witness of her mental anguish, quest. The girl needs to keep balance and calm. Otherwise, she will slide off the cliff. The heroine repeatedly tries to stay on the wall. But the angle of inclination does not make the girl feel safe. Now she understands that the time has come to take responsibility for her actions and deeds. Her life is in her hands. You can’t blame anyone for your failures.

No one can help the girl. She was left alone with her misfortune. The trap has already closed. Where to look for a way out? Is it possible to get out of this situation?

Some critics believe that the short film Bend is based on a true story. The director seemed to share his difficult story with the audience. When creating the tape, he told his thoughts and emotions when there was a difficult period in his life. Two situations left a special imprint on its further existence. Once the director was hit by a car. He could not forget the mental and physical pain from the incident. Also, the creator of the film became a participant in a frank conversation. His friend was in a protracted depression. To cope with her condition, the girl needed someone to trust. The director listened to her story. The girl described her condition as a dream from which she could not wake up. Pain has become a faithful companion for the director’s friend. The creator of the short film The Fold tried to convey the state of a person who is experiencing strong emotional excitement. One wrong move and this condition will become critical. And then the abyss follows. And emptiness.

The meaning of the finale of the film The Fold

The meaning of the finale of the film The Fold is to make the viewer feel the hopelessness of some situations. Only in these situations a person finds himself on his own. Everyone has a choice. Never give up. It is important to look for non-standard solutions to situations. If you just go with the flow, a person will inevitably find himself on the edge of the abyss. If moral strength is not enough, then there is only one outcome. A person simply cannot stand it, he will break down due to internal resistances. Never doubt yourself and your abilities. A person must go to the end, to his goal. Even if no one believes in him.

All people are different. Someone prefers to do nothing and just wait until additional problems cover him. Someone pulls himself together and acts, climbs with the last of his strength. And there are those who despair and decide to jump into the abyss. He doesn’t want to do anything. Such a person chooses the easiest way. But the consequences of such actions can be very deplorable. The film The Fold is about the fact that under any circumstances you need to go to the end. As long as you’re alive, you have to fight. We must use all possible chances, try all available options in order to rise again and move on.

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