The Meaning Of The Series Squid Game

Squid Game is a popular Korean drama released on Netflix in 2021. The series instantly gained success and love from fans around the world. It is noteworthy that the bosses of the Netflix online platform did not even hope for the success of the series, believing that this was another passing series. They did not spend money on the project, did not invest in marketing and pushed it to the back of the service. What a surprise it was when the new “battle royale” jumped to #1 on Neftlix and became a hot topic on social media.

The plot revolves around people who cannot pay off their debts. Someone took a loan and cannot repay it, someone is engaged in criminal activity, and someone is sitting on his mother’s neck at 50, like the main character. In a nutshell, life is not wedge syrup for all the characters, so the offer of a ticket to a dangerous super game with a prize of 45 billion Korean won becomes an incredible chance for everyone.

The meaning of the game is to compete with each other in ordinary children’s games. Somewhere you need to pull the rope, somewhere to play balls, run, or, in the end, play the most uncompromising game – squid! It seems that everything is easy, besides, decent money is paid … But there is one problem – defeat in the game means death: painful and sudden!

So what is the Korean TV series “The Squid Game” about, what is the meaning of the sensational project about death games? The director of the project shows us a cruel reality in the spirit of the Black Mirror, where people are ready to do anything for the sake of money, where there is no black and white morality, and gray prevails, where the boundaries between friendship, love, and family are completely erased. The main thing is money.

Against this background, the line between the main character and his childhood friend is symbolic. The second is ready to kill his friend, the man who took him to school and made him what he is now for the sake of money. This is revealed as the story progresses. It would seem that the positive and reasonable San Wu takes and deceives a Pakistani friend, kills his best friend’s girlfriend, and then is ready to pounce on him with cold weapons. He forgets about morality and sympathy.

The series shows that the soul of a person is an ordinary banknote. Each time one of the characters dies in the series, the ball on the ceiling is replenished with new amounts. Human life is so devalued. We often hear the phrase: “life does not cost money, it is priceless!” This series tells the opposite – we are all “money” and are ready to do anything for the sake of it. In fairness, the main character is the only one in this game who retains at least a hint of morality and morality. He tries to save Se Pyok, does not want to fight Sang Wu to the last and with might and main helps his grandfather, who has cancer and is not always in an adequate condition.

An important statement of the series is gray morality. A popular term in our time, however, rarely used and not always understood. Most people are used to the fact that there are only two colors in the world: black and white. Killed – bad; saved is good. But it’s not. Often, morality and its color directly and completely depend on the circumstances and the situation in which the person finds himself. What is unacceptable in ordinary everyday life is fully justified under certain conditions.

For example, murder is really bad. But the “Squid Game” gives the players a condition: whoever loses will die, besides, there is a lot of money on the kana. Under such conditions, the simplest rule works: if you do not kill, they will kill you! So how to be? And again, gray morality comes into play. Someone will say: “I still would not kill.” But you are in the wrong place. This is what this project of the Korean studio is about.

The director and screenwriter skillfully shows modern reality. The world is ruled by money, and people are ready to do anything to get it. Most are in debt and credit, there is no work, the world often does not accept some people for various reasons. Often we do not understand each other, because we are in different situations, conditions, circumstances. What is bad for one is good for another. And the funny thing is that there is never a right answer, there is simply no right one. This is a problem and needs to be addressed.

The series is so good and successful that season 2 is obviously just around the corner. But it’s not even worth waiting for if you haven’t watched 1. Now that you know what this project is about, one hundred percent will be interested in the original. Urgently go to watch the series “Squid Game”. He will definitely not disappoint you. Happy viewing and be better!

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