The meaning of the novel “Persuasion” by Jane Austen

How to build an equal relationship? Jane Austen wrote in her life a lot of wonderful works about strong women who were able and found the strength to stand up against social norms for the sake of their happiness.

Today we will talk about such a heroine of the novel “Persuasion”, It was published on 20 December 1817. So sit back, because it will be interesting!

Brief story


Before us is the main character of the novel in the person of Ann Elliot. For the last eight years she had been in love with the young, very handsome Frederick Wentworth. Perhaps his only drawback, not for her, but for the family, is extreme poverty. Then her father dissuaded her from being engaged to a young man because of his plight. And the girl, to her shame in the future, nevertheless agreed with the arguments of her father.

However, as time went on, the elder Elliot, who was used to living in a big way, when expenses significantly exceeded income, was forced to get into debt. Over time, credit bondage reached such proportions that the father had to rent out his only estate and move with the remnants of the family to more modest apartments.


Ann and her sister decide to visit their new neighbors to make friends. There they learn that the tenants are related to the young Frederick, for whom Ann used to “dry”. Soon the young man himself returns from the military expedition, which brought him fame and fortune.

Will feelings that have not yet completely burned out between them flare up with renewed vigor?

The meaning of the book

Jane Austen wrote about strong and willful women who were not afraid to go against public opinion in order to achieve their own goals. The main character of the novel “Persuasion” at first succumbed to her father’s logical remarks, so she gave up her feelings.

However, soon the young man she loved became rich and now fully corresponds to the idea of ​​​​her family as a groom. However, the question arises as to whether he needs it in the current conditions.


And here we come to the modern interpretation of this plot – can feelings reappear, if not completely dead, in the changed conditions of the wealth of one of the partners?

Yes, Anne still has a dowry and a father’s fortune, but Frederick was able to make a qualitative leap in a short time, and now it cannot be said that they are completely equal.

The writer, it seems to me, deliberately introduces the factor of social equality into relations. Since there was an unpleasant incident in her life when she burned herself.

Modern psychologists say that the best and most stable marriages are only those where the partners are equal in material and social terms. Only in this way will there not be a conflict against the background of recognition in society or the material side of the issues.


Of course, there are couples who manage to overcome all barriers and be together, but often these are exceptions to the rule. Therefore, it is extremely important, not only at the expense of the heart, but also at the expense of the arguments of the mind, to choose a companion or life partner. You need to set yourself up for the fact that you will live with this person for the rest of your life. Then, accordingly, a person approaches the issue of choosing a partner more responsibly.

About this Jane Austen wanted to say in her next story.

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