The Nines Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Mystical thriller “Nine” was filmed back in 2007 by John August. This film is a complete mystery, an incomprehensible rebus for fans of film adaptations of this kind, and the main theme of this notorious rebus was the theme of the Universe and the arrangement of earthly life in it, the meaning of human existence. In the course of the development of the plot, many questions arise – maybe humanity as such does not exist, or is it all someone’s joke or fiction?

The film is divided into three parts. The first tells the viewer about the difficult fate of the actor Gary. His popularity played a cruel joke on him – he was forced to part with his beloved, after which he began to use drugs. Soon he was caught by the police and put under house arrest. Margaret is watching him all the time so that he does not break the law and follows all the instructions of the court. During his stay at home, Gary has visions in which he constantly sees the number nine. He meets Sarah, who is his neighbor – she says she can save him. The guy does not quite understand what is happening to him, so he requires Margaret to explain what is happening. She tells him about everything, but he decides that the girl is telling a lie and leaves. The viewer watches how everything that had surrounded them before is dissolved.

The second part tells about Gavin – he works as a screenwriter for one very famous show. He writes a very good script for Melissa, a very good friend of his. The project is already being filmed, everything is going according to a pre-written script, but suddenly Susan, one of the representatives of the channel’s management, demands that the main character be replaced immediately. Gavin selects the required type of actress, makes some changes in the script, and then finds out that the TV show has been canceled and it will not appear on the screens at all. Gavin had a falling out with Susan and then left.

The Meaning of The Nines (2007) by John August

The third part introduces the viewer to Gabriele and his family. He works as a game designer and is very happy that he has a wonderful wife and daughter. Once they got out of the city into nature, and the car broke down and the guy had to go to the nearest road – ask for help. There he meets Sierra, who agreed to help him. On the way to the scene, the girl tells Gabriel that his destiny in this world is to take control of the course of all events, because he is the creator of this world. For some reason, the guy believes these words, he says goodbye to his wife and dissolves into space. This is where the movie ends.

What is the point of this movie? Probably, most likely, it is given to a person to live in this world not one life, but several. A person, like a cat, has nine lives – this is evidenced by the appearance of the notorious nine in certain episodes of the film. I wonder why a person has several lives? To understand why he lives, how this life works, what is his purpose. Life is extremely difficult to live, and sometimes one life is not enough to fully comprehend your destiny here. A person, most likely, is reborn in order to once again enter this world and try to correct all his mistakes that were made in the previous period of time.

Since we cannot control the process of rebirth of our own soul and body, we can only take it for granted. In this life, a person is a programmer, in the next he can live poorly, collecting pennies for bread, and in the next he can lose his relatives in a car accident. All the events that happened in all our previous lives have a characteristic feature to seep into our present life. This feeling arose in every person at least once in a lifetime and it is called deja vu. Passages from the past remind a person of his previous actions so that he does not repeat his mistakes again.

The meaning of the finale of the film is that each person is looking for the meaning of his life. For some, this understanding comes in adolescence, and someone thinks about it when he is already over eighty. It cannot be said that the meaning of spending time on this earth is limited only by love for the family or self-improvement, everything is much deeper. Each person likes to delve into his thoughts, analyzing his emotions, words, deeds. In the process of analysis, we understand what is most important for us. We also gradually come to the conclusion why we came into this world, for what purpose and with what task. The protagonist dissolves into space, he disappears, because he finally finds the meaning of life. The guy understands that he is the creator, like any other person. He creates his soul, thinks about something, trying to find the very meaning.

Every person is a creator. But there is no need to talk about this globally, it is necessary to start from the smallest: a person creates himself. He himself chooses how to act, think, how to live, what to agree with and what to refute. Human life is a constant choice, a desire to find peace and a static way of life, but no, one has to choose. The future of each of us depends on this choice. We are the arbiters of our own destiny and the meaning of life depends only on us.

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