The meaning of the movie The Perfect Ones 2018

The plot of the film revolves around two completely different girls in all aspects of life: from a simple haircut and clothing preferences to making various decisions and worldviews in general. But only one thing unites them – a loved one. The main character Kira is a brave and daring former Dima. Ksyusha, on the contrary, is a modest, quiet and gentle last lover of Dima, who was with him almost to the end. The death of a young man was a turning point for both.

After the funeral of the guy, strange SMS messages arrive on the cell phones of both girls, the essence of which is that they, who consider each other literally enemies, will have to get to the sea together in order to realize the last request of the deceased man with whom they were in love – throw out a pendant in some symbolic place. » Will the girls be able to complete this difficult task and how will it all turn out in the end? ”- these are the main questions in the mind of the viewer after the first scenes of the film.

By watching, we learn a lot of the subtleties of the nature of the characters, including the dead guy himself. Throughout the journey of the girls, Kira more than once tries to talk to Ksyusha about Dima and their relationship with him, raise the topic and discuss everything properly, but Ksyusha rejects all attempts. In the end, after all the trials, Kira and Ksyusha managed to fulfill Dima’s last wish, without even realizing that they fulfilled two requests at once.

The screenwriter of the film, Daria Gratsevich, writes the story of two characters who, from the very beginning, have a connection in only two aspects: they loved one man and terribly hated each other. This is an ordinary story about two girls who have grown from the status of “rival” and became friends who are looking for support in each other. The film The Perfect Ones is about everything: about love and loneliness, about the feelings of people close to you, about the value and meaning of life, about pain and the human way through it, about resentment and the ability to forgive, about disappointment and about the fact that life does not end, when love dies, for if it is true, it will live forever.

The meaning of the film The Perfect Ones

This is not just a silly teen romance melodrama about relationships – this is a film about the difficulties of love, its loss and finding yourself after the loss of a loved one; about the path of recovery after the tragedy: the heroines experience the loss in completely different ways (cry is opposed to tears). The director literally says that such a reaction of a person is a completely natural thing. There is a lot of emotional load in the story. This film touches on a topic that has troubled humanity throughout the ages: the theme of the relationship between a man and a woman and the relationship of people.

Director Kirill Pletnev shows an ordinary but great love story that rallied two opposite people, accompanying it with a slightly clichéd love triangle, the participants of which have to go through many obstacles in order to find out the basic truth of their lives. The viewers of the film themselves can bring their own meaning to the picture, because the story shown on the screens is very naive and ordinary, but not poor in sentimentality.

Each viewer interprets the story in their own way. But without a doubt, we can say that everything in this film immerses the viewer into the plot, attracts attention: the musical accompaniment that creates a unique atmosphere, the acting and the work of the film crew. The film is thought out to the smallest detail, the plot captures all your attention, and the true emotions conveyed by the professionals in their field – the actors – simply drive you crazy. The camera work is done at the highest level: such simple things as nature, the road, hotels are shown bewitchingly, creating a tender, romantic picture of the film, evoking a wave of feelings only by this.

The operator’s camera was able to capture even the smallest details: the face of an angry woman, her close-up look in order to feel all the aggression through the screen, goosebumps covering the girl’s skin when her loved one touched her, and much more. The meaning of the film is that you need to love living people, appreciate them right now, and not wait for the right moment, because a loved one can leave at any time. This film makes you rethink a lot about your own relationships. The main idea: the ability to let go, to experience life’s tragedies.

Meaning of the movie ending The Perfect Ones

At the end of the whole film, Kira’s friend, Ivan, tells her that it was he who organized this whole incredible quest at the request of Dima. Later, the heroines arrive at the house by the sea, where they both find the last letter from the deceased guy, after which Kira, in the end, throws the cherished pendant of the abyss of the sea. The action of the very last scene of the picture takes place a year after everything that happened on the roof of the Moscow City business center, where Ksyusha’s concert is taking place.

Also at the end they showed the already established relationship between Kira and Vanya. Reflecting on the meaning of the ending of the film The Perfect Ones, you understand that the director wanted to show that such unbearable grief as the death of a loved one can be overcome in the end. His goal was to show that after an accident, life does not stop, the ability to enjoy life does not disappear anywhere, the passage of time does not stand still – life goes on. Kirill Pletnev wanted to convey a simple essence to all viewers: a person can eventually be happy even after the death of a loved one, he can even start new relationships and find new love, because the whole world is not limited to one person. The most important thing to do in this case is to survive the tragedy.

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