The Room Ending Explained & Film Analysis

An interesting cast, a mysterious room and the cherished desires of the characters. The director knows how to attract the attention of the audience to his work. But what is the true meaning of the film The Room ( 2019)? Is it worth trusting the wonderful walls and opening your soul, or should you keep all your cherished dreams to yourself?

What is the movie The Room about?

A loving couple moves into a secluded luxurious mansion. However, the walls of this incredible house are fraught with many secrets. One of them is a secret walled room. Its walls are able to fulfill the most cherished desires of the new owners. But this is not the room that inspires fear and horror. On the contrary, this secret place carries a pleasant atmosphere of calm and comfort.

The original Van Gogh masterpiece, a luxurious evening dress from the most famous designers, a huge amount of money. It seems that nothing is impossible for the walls of the room. All the desires of a couple in love instantly materialize. But this was not enough for the woman. She dared to ask for the most cherished and important dream for her – a long-awaited child. But the consequences of such an act were extremely unpredictable and even frightening.

The meaning of the movie The Room

The heroine of the film after two unsuccessful pregnancies is almost desperate. The woman is not in the mood to risk her health again. However, the desire to have a child was so great that she wished him within the walls of a wonderful room. After this event, the couple in love began to have problems.

Nothing gets just like that, nothing “falls on the head” for free. You have to pay for everything. But not always money. So it is with the mysterious room, in which there are certain rules. Leaving her, everything gets old very quickly and turns into dust. Therefore, there are many restrictions in the life of the baby. However, the lovers did not think that the consequences of their desire would be so frightening.

The woman decided to take a walk with her baby. But as soon as they went out into the street, the child instantly began to grow up. The existence of the baby has become more like a huge list of prohibitions. Will he be happy with such a life? Unlikely.

These episodes speak of the difficulties of raising a child. Restrictions are pressing on all sides. The already unstable children’s psyche does not withstand the onslaught of constant prohibitions. Yes, and parents cannot give a clear answer: why should the child not leave the house?

The process of raising a baby is overshadowed by misunderstanding between spouses, frequent conflicts and a showdown. What is the future of such a child? What family model should he consider correct? Lack of contacts with society, prohibitions and restrictions on any movement. What can a child who is constantly locked up decide to do?

The feeling of anxiety, panic, fear does not leave the audience throughout the film. Was this child happy? While the parents were throwing responsibility on each other, the boy created his own alternative world, where he tries to live a full life. But at what cost?

Even from the most expensive things, from incredible masterpieces, only ashes remain over time. Nothing is forever. Only in the pursuit of imaginary happiness do people forget about it. They are driven solely by the thirst for profit, easy money and wealth. An idle life is not something to strive for. “Money can not buy happiness”. Although many may argue with this statement. BUT the film The Room once again proved that this is a truth that does not require proof.

Why did the heroine need a child? She dreamed of becoming a mother. Did she just succeed? It is impossible to take only the egoism of the parent as the basis of the relationship with the baby. You cannot think only of yourself. This is a dead end that will lead nowhere.

The meaning of the finale of the film The Room

You need to dream consciously. People should be wary of their desires. Before you think of something, you need to ask yourself: what will happen if everything comes true? Am I ready for this turn of events? The heroes have created an incredible labyrinth with their own hands, the way out of which is not so easy to find.

The understatement at the end of the film leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. What is this mysterious room? How did it appear and what other secrets are known to its walls?

The number of people’s desires is unlimited. But they are not always feasible. Therefore, it is necessary to single out exactly those that are necessary for a person. It is important to be content with little. People need to learn to control their needs, to limit them. There are more and more requests every day, material well-being comes first. They prefer to remain silent about problems within society, about needy families.

We can say that the film The Room is a parable about greed, about the desire of people to take possession of everything at once. Sometimes forgetting about moral values, ethical standards, about the thoughts of loved ones. In pursuit of enrichment by any means, people often do not pay attention to those who really need help. When performing any act or making a wish, you need to think many times, what if its execution will break the life of a loved one. Do not focus solely on yourself and your interests. This will not make a person happy, but will only alienate him from relatives and friends.

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