War of the Worlds Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The fantastic thriller by Steven Spielberg “War of the Worlds” is based on the work of H. G. Wells. However, during the film adaptation of the novel, the director showed his vision of the development of events. The film begins with the words that people in the modern world attach too much importance to their problems. Mankind does not notice that alien beings are closely watching their lives. In addition, aliens pursue exclusively selfish goals. The intriguing opening sets the tone for the entire film. Let’s try to figure out what is the true meaning of the science fiction film “War of the Worlds”.

The meaning of the movie “War of the Worlds”

Ray’s ex-wife left their common children with him for a while, and the heroine herself went out of town with her new husband. The parents’ divorce took a toll on Robbie and Rachel. There is a strained relationship between son and father. However, nothing foreshadowed white, but only a few family conflicts and quarrels. But everything turned out to be much worse. Unexpectedly, Rei and the children became participants in a war that is aimed at destroying all of humanity. The goal of the heroes is extremely simple – to survive. But will they be able to cope with universal evil?

The meaning of the fantasy thriller “War of the Worlds” is to make people understand that they do not have absolute power over the whole world. Sometimes things happen that humanity cannot control. The universe is limitless. Most of it is unknown. Therefore, not everything depends on us. Often external circumstances make significant adjustments.

A family drama unfolds before the audience. The hero cannot find a common language with his own son. They do not hear or understand each other. Because of this, quarrels arise, there is distrust. How to find a way out of this situation? Perhaps the teenager will hold a grudge against his father, since his parents divorced. Children react sharply to the breakup of the family. But there must always be an invisible thread between father and son. It is important for the boy that the parent supports him, helps with advice. The meaning of the film “War of the Worlds” is also to show the audience what divorces lead to and how to properly build communication with children after that.

The performance of the cast is beyond praise. Each hero carries a unique image with his own personal qualities. Some characters we sincerely empathize with, others repulse us on an intuitive level. It is impossible to be indifferent to the actions taking place on the screen.

The main character after a divorce from his wife became a typical bachelor. He is not interested in anything now, he has no one to take care of. But this did not last long. When his closest people were in danger, he began to look at what was happening differently. The character realized that children are the most important thing in life. He had a reassessment of views, a change in priorities. Now Ray has only one desire – to save the lives of his children. The character desperately begins to fight the aliens, whose appearance is already causing panic and horror.

The film “War of the Worlds” is about the fact that we often do not think about the meaning of our existence. We just live. We do something, we go somewhere, we communicate with someone. However, even one event can completely change our worldview. This is what happened to the characters in the movie. Each of them needed a good shake-up, which showed them the true value of events and things. Household problems have receded into the background. The character realized that close people should always come first.

The meaning of the finale of the film “War of the Worlds”

The rapid development of events in the film does not let the audience go until the very end. While watching, we begin to experience genuine fear. We worry about the characters, trying to predict their future fate. The ending of the film “War of the Worlds” opened the audience’s eyes to the obvious. Often we worry about trifles, “inflate” minor problems to a huge scale. The meaning of the film’s finale is for each of us to understand that we need to appreciate what we have. Otherwise, when we lose it, we will cry bitter tears.

Perfectly matched musical accompaniment created an atmosphere of fear and horror. Despite the fictional images of aliens, the viewer in some episodes understands the hopelessness of the situation. Tense, full of images and events, the thriller makes the audience put themselves in the place of the characters. What would each of us choose? Who would be priority for us in salvation? Or maybe who?

The film “War of the Worlds” will be appreciated by true fans of science fiction. The special effects that Steven Spielberg came up with give a complete sense of presence. The director in his work touched upon important topics that many of us turn a blind eye to. Perhaps it is after watching this thriller that the viewer will become more attentive to his life and to the people around us. It’s time to reconsider our guidelines and do what we are really interested in. The creators of the film “War of the Worlds” are sure that the universal evil can only be defeated by joint efforts. Only by rallying did humanity have a chance to survive.

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