Vanilla Sky Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The hero possessed everything that others could only dream of. But one day everything changed. The film Vanilla Sky (2001) fascinates from the first minutes. Brilliant acting, vivid images and a touching story. The viewer is immersed in a fascinating atmosphere from which one does not want to return to reality. What is the true meaning of the sensational film?

The meaning of Vanilla Sky

The romantic touching film “Vanilla Sky” shows real sincere feelings. But what is this movie about? What is the deep meaning of the film? Some viewers are sure that the painting “Vanilla Sky” is about the incredible power of love. Others believe that this film shows the development of the personal qualities of the hero, reveals the strength of his character. Who is right? Each viewer decides for himself.

The self-confident hero has everything for a prosperous life. He occupies a high position in society, has his own business and a luxurious house. The character has a strange trait. He is used to dividing people into those with whom you can and should communicate, and those who are best avoided. To do this, he developed his own criteria, which include material wealth. They say about such people that they burn their lives.

The character has a girlfriend. However, he does not have strong feelings for her. Despite the fact that for his companion he is the whole world, the heroine for him is only a friend with whom he sometimes spends the night. A joyful event has come in the life of the character. Birthday. An excellent occasion to gather friends, acquaintances and unfamiliar people at a large table. The scale of the event is impressive, because David wants to feel like a king. A successful guy crossed the road to many competitors. Therefore, they are only looking for an opportunity to put him in his place. However, the hero does not pay attention to gossip and rumors behind his back. He does not take all intrigues very seriously.

The appearance of Sofia in the film cannot be described as love at first sight. A spark ran between the heroes, but what will happen next? Two different characters, outlook on life. What can be common between them? Are there any common ground? They are not so similar, but at the same time they correspond so much to each other. Ice and fire. Lust for life and meaningless existence.

The film is a mixture of reality and dream. What actually happened, and what was just a figment of the imagination? The hero did not understand the feelings and emotions of others before. He was indifferent to the experiences of even a loved one. He didn’t take the pain seriously. How can a person worry about love? For him it was a big mystery.

The meaning of the film “Vanilla Sky” is that it is impossible to erase a person’s memory just like that. You can not program someone for a certain sequence of actions. You cannot force a person to think one way and not another.

In the film, much attention is paid to hints, obscure signs, and assumptions. How do Sofia and David feel about each other, because they only saw each other twice. The characters have not yet fully understood and realized their emotions. However, the cloud of feelings hanging over them can develop into something more. Heroes finally know true happiness.

The mask worn by the character should not be given much importance. It’s just a way to hide physical imperfections. To correct his personal qualities, the hero had to work hard on himself. He managed to overcome his main fear – the fear of heights. He forced himself to jump off the skyscraper. The hero did not dare for a long time, he internally set himself up. Then I realized that it was time. Through no horn, I don’t want to, it won’t work. It was in this act that he showed his character, willpower. He did what he feared for many years. And the fear of heights disappeared. And the nightmares are gone.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Vanilla Sky”

Initially, the viewer treats the main character with disdain. Tom Cruise’s character repels himself with his arrogance and bias. However, at the end of the film, we understand his actions and sincerely sympathize with the hero. At the end of Vanilla Sky, the character chose real life. He overcame his fears, stepped over the pain and despair and returned to reality. Throughout the film, the viewer watches the metamorphoses taking place in the life of the protagonist. Each turn in his life causes certain emotions.

Imagination and reality. How often do we have nightmares? Sometimes we feel like we are living in a dream. We do a certain sequence of actions, we go somewhere, we feel something. We need to look deeper and look for the true meaning of our existence.

At the end of the film “Vanilla Sky”, the creators showed us the choice of the main character. He was able to overcome his fears, he did a soul-searching. He wanted to return to a full life, in which there is a place for sincere love. The character no longer wants to lead an idle existence, he no longer needs it. Being in a hopeless state, he understood the main thing. The meaning of the finale of the film “Vanilla Sky” is that you can not aimlessly burn your life, because our path is fleeting and unpredictable.

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