Tully Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The meaning of the movie Tully (2018). The plot of the film unfolds in the family of a future mother of many children, who is faced with the already familiar life difficulties. Marlo takes care of the children on her own, she doesn’t ask for help. However, the strength and patience of a woman are on the verge, she is mentally exhausted.

The meaning of the film Tully will be understood by every family that is faced with a daily routine and a radically changed lifestyle after the birth of a child.

So, Marlo is on the third decree. She already has a daughter and a son. She is a very responsible mother and bears the possible difficulties of motherhood with dignity. So far, the youngest son has an unusual disposition, but Marlo is extremely patient with his antics. She tries to keep herself under control so as not to break out on her children. After all, she knows that education is an extremely difficult task and requires titanic work and indulgence in some ways.

On the eve of the birth, Marlo, with her husband and children, comes to dinner with the family of her wealthy brother. Here you can clearly see the contrast between the tortured mother of two more children and the brother’s wife, who already has many children, but looks just fine. In a conversation, the brother offers to give Marlo a night nanny for the birth of a child. She will come at night and take care of the baby so that parents can fully relax. Marlo, who is raising two children on her own, considers it unacceptable for a strange woman to take care of her child and, of course, refuses. It seems that she does not even allow the thought that someone else can take her child in her arms. And maybe she’s just ashamed to admit that she might not be able to cope.

After some time, the third daughter is born and Marlo’s life changes dramatically. Constant children’s crying at night, quarrels and cries of older children. Plus a husband, who also can not be forgotten. Of course, he devotes time to the children – he helps them do their homework, but he does not offend himself either. He runs away on business trips, relaxes with a joystick in his hands before going to bed.

Marlo faces another problem. At the preparatory classes for her son, the headmistress asks to transfer the boy to individual education, since with his behavior he interferes with the rest of the class. Poor Marlo knows that he needs a little more attention than the average guys. And she, for her part, is trying her best not to deprive the older children of maternal love. It would seem that the teacher should understand that Marlo is now in an already difficult period. But she is relentless. Maybe, for the better, the son is transferred to another school, where there is a completely different attitude to what is happening.

A mother of many children is trying to be in time everywhere by herself, but she is so tired that gradually even her patience ends and she seems to be ready to resort to the services of a night nanny.

And so, late in the evening, Tully comes – a very young girl. In theory, how could she know how to hold newborns? However, having crossed the threshold of the house, Tully is very reverently engaged in a girl and even surprises, it would seem, an experienced mother of many children in some way.

Over time, Marlo realizes that their nanny is just perfect. It turns out they have so much in common! It would seem that with the birth of a child, most of the childless friends in the life of every woman gradually move away. And Tully is still a girl, at an age when everyone is carelessly passing their time. But at the same time, she is so understanding about Marlo and her entire family.

Every night, Tully opened up a new side of herself, helping Marlo do something around the house. The husband was happy with everything and it didn’t even occur to him to meet the girl who was nursing his youngest daughter. The wife is happy and for him this is perhaps the most important thing.

Tully helped to understand that Marlo had forgotten about herself. She forgot that, first of all, she is a woman. Like most moms. They are ashamed to admit that their own children are sometimes annoying. That you often want to talk about something else besides the first complementary foods, childhood illnesses and going to school. That sometimes you want to calmly watch your favorite series or movie, and not for the hundredth time scroll through cartoons about princesses, monsters or animals.

Any mother just needs to be in silence, alone with herself. And it doesn’t matter what she will do – just lie down, go for a manicure or do some household chores. For mom, this is a kind of rest, when no one pulls her every minute, does not ask her to play with dolls or cars.

Towards the end of the film, Tully and Marlo decide to unwind and leave for a bar in the middle of the night. There, the nanny announces that it is time for her to leave, she must move on. Where to next and why so abruptly? Why can’t you just be with Marlo a little more and support her when it’s so important? Of course, Marlo takes this news hard, it is not easy for her to let go of her ideal assistant.

On the way home, a car accident occurs, in which Marlo miraculously survived. At the hospital, the doctor explains that the woman is in a very difficult mental state, she has lack of sleep and exhaustion. The husband is perplexed – although he had never seen the night nanny, but with her appearance, Marlo changed for the better and came to life.

Meaning of the Tully movie ending

The film Tully hides its meaning and denouement until the very end. The maiden name of a mother of many children puts the puzzle together. Marlo mentally could not cope with her fatigue. It turned out that at night she talked with herself, only young. That Marlo, who a few years ago was completely different – alive and moving forward. Over the years, her life has changed. Yes, she has wonderful children, a loving husband. But Marlo lost herself. She devoted her life to the closest people who accepted it, but did not think about the fact that a woman needs to somehow restore vital resources. And for some reason, the husband realizes that he put everything on the shoulders of his wife, only after a sad incident. Was the mother of many children able to draw attention to her problem only in this way? Or did she need to scream about her fatigue?

With the birth of a child, no matter what the number is – the first, second, fifth – the mother’s work schedule becomes around the clock. No days off and no holidays. And she needs any help, support and understanding. Probably even more than the rest.

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