The meaning of the movie Triangle 2009

Christopher Smith’s film “Triangle” was filmed in 2009. Of all those who have watched it, people are divided into two groups: those who understand the main meaning of the film Triangle and the idea of ​​​​the picture and those who admire the real craziness of actions. However, to fully enjoy the contents of the “Triangle” it is worth paying attention to the details.
The main characters of the thriller are Jess, Victor, Sally, Greg, Jack and Heather. The main character is Jess, it is around this girl that the whole plot unfolds, but it is not entirely clear whether this is really happening or everything that is happening is nothing more than a realistic dream. Let’s take a step-by-step look at what the movie Triangle is about.

What is the movie Triangle about?

The first shots of the film make it clear: Jess works in a diner, brings up an autistic son. She is very tired of such a life and often breaks down on Tommy. She is annoyed that the boy scatters his toys and is sloppy. She yells at him and punishes him. Before that, she starts talking with one of the bar’s patrons, Greg, who invites the main character for a boat trip. In the morning, Jess is in a hurry for this meeting. Later, the storyline breaks, and the main character is going to the yacht. On the pier, she meets Victor and it seems to her that they are familiar. Jess doesn’t feel well. But to board the yacht. There she meets the following characters: a married couple Sally and Downey and their friend Heather. On the high seas, they get into a storm and Heather supposedly dies. On an overturned ship, they drift and see a huge liner, which they board with the hope of a speedy rescue. They are surprised by the fact that there is no one on the ship. A series of further facts and coincidences more and more misleads the characters and the viewer: the keys of Jess, found in the corridor; stopped clock hands, etc. After that, all the heroes, except for Jess, are dead. But where did they stumble, appearing on a ghost ship or going on a boat trip? Or maybe it all started in the morning?

movie triangle meaning

Initially, it seems that it is the presence of a time loop that is the center of the plot. However, it is not. Many symbols and images of the “Triangle” are not accidental. Jess reproaches himself for his bad attitude towards his son. She cherishes him very much, but the fatigue caused by a hard life does not allow the girl to truly love Tommy. It is because of the mother’s hysteria that the very accident on the coast occurs, which gives rise to the formation of a time loop. The soul of Jess wanders and rushes from one time to another. Trying to fix something. She is ashamed of what she did. This is evidenced by the finding of a large number of medallions with a photograph of Tommy on the ship. It is no coincidence that the name of the old ship. Aeolus is the ancient Greek god of winds and storms. His son Sisyphus attempted to circumvent death by violating the way of life on earth, for which he was severely punished. He had to perform the same meaningless actions endlessly many times (pushing a stone up a mountain and waiting for it to roll down so that everything would happen again). The symbol of the triangle in the thriller is also not accidental. Jess appears on the ship in three guises: victim, assistant, killer. This also symbolizes the internal state of Jess (she is a single mother, the heroine tries to recreate a society nearby by finding herself on the deck three times). She tries in various ways to turn off this path, but nothing comes of it. Because the problem is primarily within itself. She should not try to circumvent fate. She only needed to accept the death of her beloved son, to understand that nothing could be returned back. However, the heroine is trying to keep up with fate, to change it. An important semantic detail of the film is a taxi driver who stopped at the moment of the accident nearby. An image is embedded in a man – Charon, a guide to the world of the dead. He wanted to take the heroine, but Jess asked to take her to the pier. Further, she did not keep her promise to return to the car, for which she was punished, like Sisyphus. The image of a seagull in the “Triangle” can be associated with many things. Her cry is the so-called cry of the heroine for the loss of her son. Other characters in the film at first glance seem to be the main ones. Although in reality they are prototypes of Jess’ inner desires. An easy, free life without children (Heather and Sally). Victor characterizes the image of an ideal son, successful in all respects, and Downey – an unpleasant ex-Jess. At the same time, the heroine loves her child. It doesn’t let her soul rest. The film teaches the viewer to accept himself and the past. However, not everyone will be able to realize this the first time. The triangle is truly a heavy emotional drama.

Meaning of the Triangle movie ending

The ending of the film ends in a very unpredictable place. Jess is back on the dock, meeting Victor. This has a direct impact on the overall meaning of the thriller. Until the main character returns to the taxi driver in the car so that her soul finds peace, the girl will return to her previous circles again and again. However, she is not going to end her journey like that. With thoughts of Tommy, she will still come to the pier, with one goal: to once again be close to her beloved child. Thus, it is the mother who is the symbol of this thriller. Her love passes through time and makes Jess do things that she previously, it would seem, could not even think about.

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