Old 2021 Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film is quite simple in plot, but the ending turns viewers’ guesses upside down. Director Shyamalan knows how to present the story in such a way that the viewer’s guesses about the possible ending do not at all correspond to the author’s idea. Nevertheless, the film Old has some fantastic elements in its plot, which only embellish the film and add to its mystery.

The story is that three families who are friends with each other go to the beach to relax. There they notice that time is going too fast, but they cannot leave this beach. They don’t have much time left to live their lives well and have time to do everything that they have planned. The viewer constantly learns new information about the characters, as if taking part in their accelerated life process. The plot is very accelerated and fast, and the viewer is shown the life story of several people who have gathered in one place.

Each of the heroes tries to get out of this beach, but dies, someone falls off the rocks, and someone drowns, trying to fight the current. Those who do not try to run away try to spend time with their loved ones, aging relentlessly. The main characters – Priska and Guy – try to catch that moment of silence that they have dreamed of for so long, and die one after another after a few seconds. More and more people come to this beach and the same fate awaits them. At the end of the film, those lucky enough to be alive are taken off the beach by helicopter.

What is the point of this movie? What was the director’s idea that inspired him to shoot this film? Let’s try to figure it out.

A thriller with an admixture of science fiction will appeal to many even because it violates quite a lot of problems relating to morality and reflections on the philosophical side of human life. For example, a superficial problem – the inability to appreciate even the most ordinary moments of life – makes you think. As long as a person has the opportunity to live and smile at the world around him, it is worth remembering this and not losing the opportunity to be glad that you exist. People often do not notice how the day flew by – they were swallowed up by problems, work, the desire to earn as much money as possible and fulfill all their dreams. But few people find in themselves the desire and time to be glad that the sun is in the sky and we can hug our children to ourselves. It is worth remembering this and trying to enjoy every opportunity.

Another problem that the director violated is the pharmaceutical business. The treatment of the simplest diseases is quite expensive, because medicines cost a lot of money. Very often they do not help, and the person simply loses time. This is a rather extensive problem, and it originates from the top government, which allows ordinary people to be robbed and profit from it, receiving pretty good money for allowing the production and use of this or that drug. Medical institutions quite often attribute to patients to buy medicines at exorbitant prices, when at the same time you can find an analogue cheaper.

The film broke enough problems that the viewer had the opportunity to think about it and try to find a way out of this situation.

The main meaning of the film is that you need to value yourself: your life, health, protect and make your dreams come true, fight for the goal and not lose heart. Life is too short to give importance to those moments that are not worth even a fraction of our attention. We fuss a lot, forgetting what is really important. Our kids won’t care how much we earn or how many cars we buy. It will be important for them how much time we spent with them and what their childhood was like. Therefore, it is necessary to live in such a way that there is something to remember in old age and pass on the accumulated experience to your children and grandchildren.

The movie really deserves to be watched over and over again. It tells about the value of life, happy moments, the beauty of the world, love, acceptance and understanding. The audience each speaks about the film in their own way, but in order to get a full impression of it, we advise you to watch it from beginning to end. You will definitely find in it something important and valuable for yourself.

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