Snowpiercer Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Snowpiercer is a South Korean post-apocalyptic film. It was based on the French graphic novel. The film is directed by Bong Joon Ho, winner of the 2020 Oscars. He won 4 nominations, this is the second time in the history of the award. The film Snowpiercer was released in 2014.

What is the film Snowpiercer about?

The picture takes the viewer not far into the future. An apocalypse occurred on Earth, which happened through the fault of mankind. People tried to invent a remedy against the impending warming. Such a tool was found – a special substance that would lead to a decrease in temperature on the planet. However, a deadly cold came and destroyed almost the entire population. Only those who managed to catch the net on the train remained alive – an analogue of the Noah’s Ark, the walls of which are capable of protecting those inside. A separate ecosystem was recreated there. It is worth noting that the train is constantly moving. A hierarchy was also formed on the train – the first cars were occupied by rich and powerful people, then – a less well-to-do class, and at the end – the dregs of society, the beggars. The last wagons are given dry rations only once a day, and sometimes their children are taken away. No one knows what happens to them next.

The protagonist of the film just belongs to the lower class. His name is Curtis and he is the leader of the rebellion. He wants to capture the first car and get to the engine through it. From there, he can drive the train. The rebels have the support of a man who is in the elite carriage and acts as a spy. And in this closed space, an uprising begins.

The meaning of the movie Snowpiercer

The whole picture is an allusion to the real life of modern society. It is easy to trace the similarity of the social strata in the train and in the modern world. There are passengers for whom nothing is impossible, because they have money and power. And there are people who have access to a minimum to meet their needs.

The goal of the beggars is to seize control and power in the train, and therefore the entire elite first carriage.

The passenger train itself is constantly moving, otherwise it threatens the death of all people inside. The audience themselves are constantly convinced that the entire film takes place in a moving vehicle, since its mechanism is almost perfect. But it turns out that we are talking about children’s strength, which is “sacrificed” for the survival of the human race. They are at the bottom of the train and their ranks are constantly filled with new slaves. It would seem that children are the main value of mankind, but the author puts a special meaning into this. He recalls that in a world ruled by money, child labor has always been used. Suffice it to recall the historical experience of Europe, the British colonies, including America, where absolutely everyone worked. This problem continues to be relevant today, albeit not on such a scale. More than 150 million children work illegally in businesses and factories.

Also, the author of the picture touched upon such a problem as the terrible outcome of our planet. It is no secret that it is indeed moving towards the complete destruction of the environment. Man destroys it himself. We ourselves have put ourselves in a dominant position, pushing the condition of our home into the background. But the Earth itself tried to get rid of the “parasites”, because people in vain believe that with their death the end of the world will come. No train, ark or shelter can last forever. Sooner or later, nature will win, and only nature will remain. In support of this, there is a scene with a polar bear in the film. People themselves pushed nature to disaster with their unsuccessful experiment.

From the words of the director, one can understand that the ending of this train may turn out to be too tragic, but this can also be expected. People have done too much bad to the planet, so this death is well-deserved. But there is enough time to fix everything, so humanity should think about it. To an unprepared viewer, the film will seem completely untrue.

The director is also convinced that even after such a tragedy, humanity will be able to revive, but this will happen not earlier than in several millennia.

The residents of the train died in an avalanche. But the outcome of the “ark” was destined from the very beginning.

The meaning of the ending of the film Snowpiercer

The control that exists in the train captures the changes that take place in a small world. Gradually, he realizes that all this is happening not because of the creator of the train, but because of themselves. The hierarchy that formed in the “ark” is also to blame. And this discontent is unlikely to end. More and more revolutionaries will appear in society. The protests will stop, their instigators will be in jail. It will only end when every member of society feels that it is time to change something.

Perhaps the rebels will change the way to achieve the goal. Many people will leave their ranks when some equal position can be achieved.

The topic of population control already exists in reality. But if this measure is necessary, then the methods will be completely different.

The only constant thing is revolution. They must continue to move society in the right direction. The finale of the film Snowpiercer also brings this thought.

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