The Nest Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The American drama film by Sean Durkin, released in 2020, managed to impress the audience with both an easy-to-read plot and a special unobtrusiveness, which allows you to watch it literally in one breath. Jude Law and Carrie Coon, being in the lead roles of the film, proved that every family is unhappy in its own way.

What is the movie The Nest about?

The film tells the story of one family. Husband Rory lives with his wife Allison and their two children in New York. At first, family life may seem to the viewer a safe haven, where everything goes on as usual: husband and wife work, live in a good house, they have money, children are happy and obedient.

However, Rory eventually becomes obsessed with desire – the desire to live like a rich and successful person. He makes big plans.

The first step is moving to England. The wife doubts the wisdom of this step, but agrees, giving the right of primacy to her husband. When moving, Rory bets on the deal, hoping that the deal will work out and he will get the very “big jackpot”. Encouraged by future profits, he spends almost all the funds in their bank account, bringing the family to the point that they even become unable to pay for the phone. His wife is madly tired of his empty promises and sweet words that he pours into the ears of other people. Quarrels and accusations begin. The family situation is heating up.

Explanation of the meaning of the movie “The Nest”

It’s time to tell what the movie “The Nest” was about. There are many interpretations of the plot, several of which will be given here. The meaning of the movie “The Nest” 2020

The king is naked

The point here is that, without significant funds, royal roots, as well as special merits to society, the main character of the film behaves inappropriately for his position. His ambitions are so high that he does not have time to confirm them with real actions. Thinking that everything will go according to the scenario set by him, he is defeated. The people around him, it turns out, also have their own goals and values.

And, discovering in himself a person with disabilities, he experiences moral dissatisfaction and anger. Becoming vulnerable to the truth of life, he understands that he has nothing but a family.

Better a tit in the sleeve than a pie in the sky

The story is somewhat reminiscent of a fable, and the moral in it is this – “If you wish too much, you will not get anything, so you need to wish in moderation.” Many have heard about the law of increasing needs: when we get something, our needs increase – we want more and more. We become insatiable. What to do in this case? You can’t stop striving for the best.

But where is the line that separates “a lot” from “enough”?

Probably the only sign is spiritual contentment. The feeling when you know that what you have is wealth, and it brings joy. True, some people do not have this feeling, and so does Rory.

Not the worst that could be

Still, if you focus on moral issues, is the father of the family really as bad as the author tried to make him out to be? As Rory himself said in the film: “Yes, I’m perfect. I provide them with all the best, I have not raised my hands against them and will not raise them. ”

What is wrong with a person trying, albeit not always successfully, to make his family financially prosperous and happy? He works for the benefit of himself and his relatives, strives to make sure that they do not deny themselves anything, and as a result, this turns to his own detriment. I remember the phrase: “Initiative is punishable.” The protagonist wanted to change, get off the ground and turn life for the better, but he was unlucky.

Looking at Rory from the side “The glass is half full”, and not “The glass is half empty”, you can see in him not a pitiful pretentious liar, but a worthy purposeful person, he just goes to his goals in somewhat different ways, not always justified and beyond measure hasty.

The Secret Life of Children

In films where children are present, they are always given attention, although not always the greatest, but their presence is an indisputable fact that always affects the life of the protagonist.

Even from the very beginning of the film, at the moment when the daughter calls the main character Rory, the guess creeps in that he is not her own father. The way it is.

Despite this, the family seems exemplary: a clever and gymnast daughter and a son rejoicing in childhood. Cute and grateful to parents children. But subsequent events make us unconvinced of this. The daughter smokes and their relationship with her brother is very strained, she is a difficult teenager who experiences all the “joys” of adolescence. While the son is presented to us as a minor, weak, according to his sister, a “gibbon”.

The picture of the relationship of children is clear. But, after watching the movie, I still want to believe that they are better than they seem.

How does the movie The Nest end?

Rory eventually realizes that his whole race for a luxurious life, the rat race, is useless. Disappointed in what he had done, he returned home to his family. At the same time, his head begins to make new plans.

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