The Turning Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Review A horror film The Turning (2020) for those who want to change themselves or choose another profession. Sometimes we don’t have the will power to make a decision. The director, with the help of his picture, showed what can happen to a person who goes against his desires. But what is the true meaning of the movie The Turning?

The meaning of the movie The Turning (2020)

The inexperienced teacher accepted the tempting offer. The heroine became the governess of a seven-year-old girl. However, she will have to deal not only with the upbringing of little Flora, but also with solving the problems that have fallen on her. Initially, the girl could boast of her courage. She took her new role very seriously. But life began to present her with more and more surprises. The girl was in a trap that has not only real boundaries. Frames and restrictions are also in the head of the heroine.

The girl had many chances to get out of the mysterious gloomy house. But she made no attempt. Despite this promise, she could break the agreement. It was extremely difficult for the girl to be in this mansion. The heavy atmosphere that reigned in the old house pressed on her. However, the girl was sure that she could cope with any difficulties. This position played a cruel joke on her. The heroine overestimated her abilities. The meaning of the film The Turning is that every person always needs to realistically assess their strengths.

The horror film The Turning makes viewers look inside themselves. The director, with the help of his film, addresses our inner fears. We are afraid to leave our comfort zone. A person can endure deprivation, injustice, a bad attitude towards himself, without even thinking about the possibility of changing everything. He’s so used to it, he’s so comfortable. He just doesn’t know about another life. He dwelled on his fears and obsessive thoughts. With such a development, a person can not only get confused in himself, but also lose himself as a person.

Some film critics talk about inconsistencies, “holes in the script” of the film. Many viewers believe that in life this cannot happen. This is not about ghosts, but about human relations. But there are those who looked at themselves with the help of the main characters. There are those who, after watching the film, quit their previous job and began to look for their calling. The horror film The Turning showed the shortcomings of people that we prefer to remain silent about. Often people see only the good in themselves. However, this is not the correct approach. All people make mistakes. The main thing is to recognize them and correct them in time. Otherwise, in the struggle for leadership, material wealth, we risk losing something really important. The film The Turning tells not only about the experiences of the child. The film shows what a person can turn into if he acts against his will. Sincere emotions, believable play of actors will make the audience turn to themselves and find out their desires.

The meaning of the ending of the movie The Turning (2020)

Confrontation between two women. Two strong characters. Nobody wants to give up. The conflict between the two women develops throughout the film. The meaning of the finale of the film The Turning is to show what can happen to a person if you do not believe him. Our imagination sometimes works wonders. But it also happens that we become hostages of our illusions. Over time, a person slowly begins to go crazy. Is it possible to help the character in this situation?

In the struggle for power over others, people often lose themselves. They are driven by a thirst for profit, influence. They forget about their true goals and values. In the film The Turning the characters tried to deny the existence of otherworldly forces. They not only outwardly showed their distrust. A real battle broke out among the characters inside. The mind said one thing, but the heart predicted something completely different. How to get out of this abyss, each of the heroes decides for himself.

The film The Turning, despite the horror genre, finds echoes in our everyday life. We try to prove to the interlocutor the correctness of our point of view, without even listening to his arguments. We are not beyond the problems of others, believing that only we have fallen on the most difficult difficulties. We occupy an unloved position only because we are afraid of the unknown, afraid of change. The unexpected ending of the film The Turning makes us think that everything in our life is relative. Today you can own untold riches, and tomorrow you will be overtaken by complete ruin. Therefore, you need to live here and now, if possible, dulling your fears and obsessive sad thoughts.

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