The Invisible Man Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Leigh Whannel’s upcoming horror film The Invisible Man is already grabbing the attention of horror fans. Who is constantly watching the heroine? Why can’t a woman get on the trail of a strange man? These questions swirl in my head throughout the film. Let’s try to figure out what true meaning the director put into the film “The Invisible Man”.

What is The Invisible Man about?

The events of the film revolve around one woman. Cecilia was burdened by a relationship with the scientist Adrian. The former lightness in their pair was replaced by constant discontent and understatement. The woman could no longer be in such a tense situation, so she decided to part with the scientist. However, for Adrian, her act was a huge shock. Unable to control his thoughts and feelings, the scientist voluntarily passed away.

Cecilia was sure that her life would change for the better. The woman hopes that she will again find happiness and inner peace. However, suddenly the heroine realized that someone was watching her actions. Has Cecilia become the object of constant surveillance? Just who is this mysterious observer?

The meaning of the film “The Invisible Man”

No one knows what is in the soul of a person who radiates happiness. Perhaps this is just a mask, a protective reaction from constant questions. The woman lived as if in a golden cage. At first glance, her life was joyful and happy. A chic mansion, a satellite – a millionaire scientist. She deserved to live and be happy. But what did the high walls of her luxurious dwelling really hide? Why did Cecilia break down and leave her successful boyfriend?

The scientist Adrian was a real tyrant. He controlled every step of his beloved. Cecilia was just tired of the tension and constant questioning, she broke down. From a once self-confident girl, the heroine turned into a closed and unsociable “gray mouse”. She lost the ability to enjoy the little things, to enjoy her existence. The point of the film “The Invisible Man” is to show all viewers that you do not need to break yourself because of other people. Even if that person is your lover.

In any couple, respect for each other should come first. Without this, the relationship is doomed to fail. Mutual trust is also important. A calm, peaceful atmosphere reigns in a couple. Lovers don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Their job is to enjoy each other’s company. But when one of the lovers begins to encroach on the freedom of the other, trying to completely control him, it is necessary to stop this.

The meaning of the film “The Invisible Man” is to show the audience by a good example how obsessive fears and gloomy thoughts destroy a person’s life, poison his existence. The woman was dependent on her man. It cost her a lot of effort to break this connection. When she realized that she was finally free, a new test awaited her. The former young man of the heroine committed a vile act towards her. He voluntarily passed away. Yes, it was his own decision. We can endlessly condemn him for this act, but he made his choice. Now Cecilia has to live with this heavy burden, because she blamed herself for what happened.

The woman had long hatched a plan to part with a successful millionaire scientist. She was already almost happy when she broke off this sick relationship. However, Adrian did not give her the opportunity to enjoy the new status of a free woman. The heroine took on the burden of responsibility for his death. Now, instead of a happy measured life, an absurd frightening surveillance from an unknown invisible person was waiting for her. The existence of the girl turned into a real nightmare. The heroine had to completely forget about the carefree joyful days. Now she is in the grip of obsessions, fears, gloomy thoughts and complexes. Even in this difficult situation, Cecilia find a way out and unravel a huge scythe of accumulated problems. The girl needs to pull herself together and understand that life goes on, no matter what. She has a chance to become truly happy.

The meaning of the ending of the film “The Invisible Man”

Many believe that the main goal of a person is to become successful and wealthy. But the heroine of the film “The Invisible Man” had a different opinion. The woman lacked participation, respect and trust from her boyfriend. It was because of this that their relationship cracked. But the scientist could not survive the separation and committed suicide. Did Cecilia blame herself for this act? Possessing natural sincerity and honesty, the woman realized that this event would knock Adrian out of his usual rut. However, she could not do otherwise.

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Invisible Man” is to show what excessive introspection and constant introspection leads a person to. Everywhere the woman saw the image of her ex. Undoubtedly, by our misdeeds and actions, we can change the life of another person. Should we be held responsible for this? Each viewer after watching the film will answer for himself. One thing is for sure, you can’t get hung up on one person and make him the center of your Universe.

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