The Incident Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Infinity. What does this concept mean? Is it true that a person runs in circles all his life? Is it possible to repeat the events that once happened to you in the past. The film The Incident is for those who like to think about the meaning of existence. The main idea of ​​the film does not lie on the surface. This is a deep psychological thriller that keeps the viewer in suspense throughout the film. Let’s try to unravel the main idea that the director put into the film “The Incident”.

The meaning of the movie The Incident (2014)

Many directors in their films “play” with time. The theme of infinity is also typical. However, in the film The Incident she played with new colors. A person is constantly in a hurry somewhere, fussing. He believes that he has a lot of time, so he tries to do everything in time. But the paradox of life is that wherever we go, we will still return to the starting point. All repeats. Places, actions of people, events. The film-mystery “The Incident” raises extremely important questions. What do we spend our lives on? Are we really doing what we want to do? Do we know our purpose?

Two line-ups of actors. Two different locations. Characters share a time period. They fall into strange mysterious circumstances, again and again living the same situation. The actors are moving forward, they are trying to get out. get free. However, they end up at the same point every time. It seems that this is some kind of mistake, someone’s malicious intent. But over time, it becomes clear that people themselves found themselves in such conditions, they themselves drove themselves into this framework.

The meaning of the film “The Incident” is to make the viewer understand that one cannot turn one’s existence into a routine. We live like we’re passing an exam. But it is impossible to be in time everywhere and everywhere. Due to internal dissatisfaction, psychological problems appear. Some of the people become embittered at the whole world. Nothing pleases them. They notice only failures, mistakes and problems. A happy life has turned into a gray dreary existence.

But why did this happen? Why is the number 35 used in the movie? What do these years mean? Perhaps this is the period that a person needs to learn to think and understand the basic values ​​of life. The conscious age by which the character should have a clear picture of his existence. What will she be? It depends on each of us. Someone lives like this: work-home-work. For some, this scheme is unacceptable. Indeed, for such individuals it is important that in life there is a place for travel, adventure, new discoveries. Each person makes his own choice.

“Everything will return to normal.” This phrase is familiar to many. This is the main idea of ​​the film. Despite the successive events, the transience of life and the inability to know the future, everything repeats itself. But you need to live for today, not thinking about what will happen in a few years. After all, life is fragile and unpredictable. But not everything depends on the person. There are external circumstances that we cannot influence. But it is in our power to change our attitude towards them. Then it will become easier to breathe, and new incentives for accomplishments will appear, and grandiose ideas will arise on how to make your existence better.

The meaning of the finale of the film The Incident (2014)

“Closed” spatial loop. The characters, once in a non-standard situation, could not cope with it. They did not accept the terms of the game. The heroes tried to survive, realizing that it was extremely difficult to find a way out of this mysterious situation. The characters, like many people, do not realize that life is a moment. Life is given to us for a certain time. It is important not to miss this time.

The meaning of the finale of the film “The Incident” is to show by a good example what happens to people who do not value their lives. Their further fate was sad. Support and help is nowhere to be found. But they fall into the same conditions again and again. It seems like you can go crazy. In such a situation, you need to act quickly and logically correctly. Otherwise, the events will repeat again. The characters will return to the starting point until they have mastered the lesson that life has taught them.

The film “The Incident” will not appeal to every viewer. Too many riddles and incomprehensible situations and too few answers and clues. Some dialogues and individual moments only confuse the viewer. However, after watching the film, we can’t “depart” from what we saw for a long time. Part of the audience is deeply worried about the characters. However, there are those who believe that fate has dealt fairly with the heroes. They got what they deserved. The actors were too careless about life, for which they paid. Infinity is a concept without clear boundaries, frames, scales. Does it really exist? A question, the answer to which everyone gives himself. Man himself is the creator of his own happiness. It is necessary to be more attentive to life, and not to take it only for granted. Perhaps, after realizing the main idea of ​​the film, the viewer will want to reconsider their priorities.

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