The Hunt Finally Explained | Movie Meaning

Analysis of the hard provocative thriller The Hunt (2020) is based on the work “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell. The director and one of the screenwriters of the film mentioned that this picture is a satire on the apparent political confrontation between the American left and right. Some critics felt uncomfortable watching the film because of this theme. Others, on the contrary, found the tape open and honest. Let’s try to formulate the main idea and meaning of the film “Hunting”.

The meaning of the movie “The Hunt” (2020)

Forest Glade. A small group of strangers. The heroes suddenly realized that they were part of a cruel game. The characters are being hunted. If they want to survive, they should make decisions with lightning speed. They must accept the rules of the game. Only a few characters will be able to understand the true purpose of this entertainment. Just what is this field? How did the heroes end up in this strange place?

Rich people with a strange fantasy manipulate others who do not have significant material wealth. It seems that the idea of ​​a motion picture is banal and worn out. However, the director of the film “The Hunt” managed not only to refresh the issue, but also successfully combine two genres: horror and comedy. The meaning of the film is to show the viewer that one should never go against one’s principles and ideals. Manipulating people is a cruel game that will boomerang back to whoever started it. Material inequality has hit many problems. Many poor people envy the rich and successful. However, most of them just sit still, scolding their lives, fate and simply feeling sorry for themselves. Road to nowhere.

The heroes showed by their own example that there are practically no hopeless situations. A person always has a chance to change his life. Do not let anyone decide for you, manipulate your opinion and your actions. Most people dream of a comfortable life. This is a good desire, which is within the power of a person. But for this you need to do something.

Adults need to learn from children to be joyful and happy. Little people know how to notice the beauty around, they believe in miracles and hope for the best. They are not interested in the amount of money. For them, the feeling of inner freedom, lightness is more important. They have a great desire to live in a beautiful world where there is a place for kindness, compassion and support. However, with age, people lose the ability to dream, to believe in the best. The material component of the problems does not allow you to simply close your eyes to them. But you can change your attitude towards material goods.

The provocative film “The Hunt” denounces the harsh reality. Some people are dependent not only financially on others, but also morally. The characters were afraid to take responsibility for their actions into their own hands. They are controlled by others. Those who are richer, stronger, more confident. Few want to be manipulated. However, they themselves, by their actions, allow this. To break this connection, sometimes people need too much strength and energy. But you can simply not allow such a situation, but be self-sufficient and self-confident.

The meaning of the ending of the film “The Hunt” (2020)

The original exciting idea ensured the success of the entire film. The ending was a beautiful bold point. It is at the end of the film that surprises and surprises are in store for the audience. The conflict that had been brewing throughout the film was suddenly resolved. Why such an outcome? Why the film lacks significant events, memorable dialogues and vivid characters. Everything is simple. Heroes are collective images of those who can be met in everyday life on the streets of the city. People are in a hurry to live. In the daily bustle, they do not notice that they are not doing what they really want. Unloved work, “sick” relationships, debts. How to get out of this circle? Why does every day feel like a groundhog baby?

It was to these questions that the director gave indirect answers in the finale of the film. People gradually become embittered and indifferent to what is happening around. They are less and less interested in the problems of others, they are not ready to open their hearts even to the closest. People live in their own closed world, not realizing that they follow the ideals that are imposed on them by someone. A meaningless, purposeless existence. But everyone has the opportunity to change the course of events. Everyone can find their own recognition. The rules of the game imposed by the rich can not be accepted. You can, gritting your teeth, go to your dream. Through pain, through “I can’t”, through “it won’t work”. The main thing is to believe in your success and trust your heart.

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