Tenet Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The film Tenet (2020) by Christopher Nolan is a dizzying puzzle in which it is extremely difficult to guess the logical chain. The viewer is completely immersed in incredible events. A person, without noticing, becomes one of the squares of the Rubik’s cube. “Tenet” is an explosive intriguing mixture that leaves a peculiar aftertaste after viewing, a feeling of inner emptiness. The film intertwined scientific theories, philosophical thoughts, fantastic events. What is the true meaning of the film “Tenet”?

The meaning of the movie “Tenet” (2020)

The main idea of ​​the film is difficult to grasp. Tenet is the movie to watch. The events taking place on the screen seem to turn the mind of the viewer. This is not a superhero movie. It seems that real chaos reigns on the screen, which is unrealistic to imagine in life. But this is only at first glance.

Entanglement is what attracts, attracts the viewer. It’s like you’re on a roller coaster. At first, you are sure that everything is going according to a pre-planned scenario. But after the next turn, you realize that you are in prostration, completely losing the thread of the story. However, at the end of the film, everything will fall into place.

The film “Tenet” can be called a fairy tale about lost time. It is Time that becomes the main character of the film. It is extremely difficult to control, and in some cases impossible. Time runs at an inexorable speed, then slows down, then picks up speed again. The future is intertwined with the past. It is at such moments that a person forgets to live in the present. It is completely dependent on time.

Infinitely colorful, bright tape of chronology, which has no beginning and end. It is torn into small pieces, then put back together again. It is impossible to predict the next event. And is it necessary to do so?

The main character faces a difficult and responsible task. The hero is obliged to prevent the Third World War. To do this, he must learn to manage time. The director skillfully divides the plot into several lines. Nolan remained true to himself. Audiences know that if they go to see this director’s film, they’re in for an ingenious thrilling film. It is this picture that is “Argument”.

The complex convoluted concept Nolan came up with is not so easy to decipher. This is a multi-layered film in which every action depends on the passage of time. The direction may be different. Objects can move from the past to the future, or vice versa. In some moments it is not even worth delving into, you need to feel them, feel yourself as a direct participant in them.

The characters are moving in different directions. This unusual ability opens up amazing prospects for them. The character has the opportunity to transfer important information from the future to himself. Heroes can travel to the past and be in two places at the same time. Perhaps the brain of the audience is not ready for such turns of events. To understand what is happening, it is worth watching the movie several times. One thing is for sure, this tape will not let the viewer go for a long time.

Why is the movie “Tenet” such a resounding success? Not only the magnificent Nolan showed a lot of what he is capable of. According to the director, he nurtured the idea for the film “Tenet” for many years. The advantage of the film is the brilliant play of the cast. Although it was extremely difficult for them. In the fights shown on the screen, the actors had to not punch the character’s face, but rather tear it out of it. It’s even hard to understand, let alone perform.The meaning of the movie Tenet (2020)

In the film, the director paid attention to the love line. A real family drama played out on the screen. The audience witnessed the finale of a long-term “sick” relationship. The characters are emotional bright personalities who sometimes could not cope with their feelings. They were ready to do anything for love, even if for this they had to destroy the whole world.

Incredible music creates a special atmosphere of immersion. The soundtrack does not grab the attention of the audience. On the contrary, the melody complements the narrative, helping the director to show the versatility of the events taking place on the screen. The audience is fascinated by the soundtrack, which sounds like a rewind. The composer coped with his task brilliantly. He managed to hook the viewer.

The film demonstrates scientific theories. However, the viewer cannot double-check everything that happens on the screen. He can only trust his intuition and trust the filmmakers. And the viewer accepts all the physics that is shown to him. A person sitting in the hall does not have the opportunity to carefully analyze each episode. Events follow each other so quickly, leaving the viewer no opportunity to try to predict the outcome of each. Some episodes are extremely unusual, which even seem absurd.

The film “Tenet”, despite its emotionality, is more of an intellectual film. The soundtrack does not put pressure on the viewer, forcing him to think and feel in a stereotyped way. Perfectly matched music complements what is happening. The images of key characters are multifaceted and at the same time hidden. The audience is not given full information about the characters, as if they are in the shadows and waiting for the right opportunity to reveal themselves.

What will happen in a week, a month, a year is difficult to predict. After all, external circumstances can intervene in any event. The meaning of the film “Tenet” is that a person has a real. It is in his present that he must exist. The past should not hang like a dead weight on it. A person can no longer change the events that once happened. Therefore, they should not be returned to. It is necessary to learn the necessary lesson and forget. If memories are pressing, do not allow you to breathe calmly, it is important to try to erase them from memory. Yes, it will be difficult. But if a person wants to live a happy life, there is no other way out.

Only the present is stable. Neither the past nor the future should worry you much. Confidence in the future is, perhaps, a good thing. But no one guarantees that everything will go according to a pre-planned scenario. While watching the film “Tenet”, the viewer comes to realization several times. If in the last scene you did not understand how the events are interconnected with each other, what is generally common between them, then the next moment opens your eyes to a lot. There are no pointless twists or plot points in the movie. Each action becomes logical if the viewer looks at it while temporarily turning in the opposite direction.

The film “Tenet” is for those who like to solve riddles, analyze, compare events, follow the details. To understand a movie, you need to watch it more than once. After all, to realize the whole picture of actions, it will take time. Versatility is the main advantage of the film. The director managed to connect two complex topics that concern many. The story of saving the world and the liberation of women from domestic violence. A spy thriller and incredibly sensual poignant drama. Nolan was not limited to one storyline. He tried to play on two fronts, and this brought a dizzying success to the film “Tenet”.

The viewer saw a unique, bewitching film that gave him food for thought. However, this film is not suitable only for a pleasant pastime. If you watch the tape only for the sake of entertainment, then it is difficult to catch the main idea in it. If a person comes consciously to watching a movie, incredible temporary worlds will open before him, which he will want to understand and accept.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Tenet” (2020)

The slogan of the film “Tenet” was the phrase: “Don’t try to understand it, feel it!” Get ready for a reckless flight in which you will be thrown from side to side. You run the risk of experiencing all the trials that befell the characters of the film.

The story shown in the film is difficult to understand in that it undergoes many temporary changes. The characters go either to the past or to the future. Sometimes they just stand still. But one thing always remains the same: the heroes are confidently approaching their goal.

In his work, the director sharply states that you do not need to understand everything that is happening on the screen. It’s pointless. Man must change his mind. Only in this way will he have a chance to learn how to manage his time. This is precisely the deep meaning of the finale of the film “Argument”. It is important to be able to think outside the box, to move away from patterns and categories that have long been obsolete. The main character of the film managed to understand this simple truth. He became the master of his life. He gained control over his actions and over the situation as a whole.

The viewer can also come to enlightenment. He will no longer meekly believe everything that is shown to him on the screen. He will compare the facts, look for flaws in physical laws and argue with the voiced point of view. It is for the sake of this mental activity that it is worth watching Nolan’s film Tenet.

The film is non-standard. If in the vast majority of films the viewer is upset when he notices a flaw in the tape, then in the “Argument” the opposite is true. A person rejoices, rejoices when he discovers a logical or plot error. With particular zeal, he begins to “dig” further, trying to unravel the tight tangle of events. And now he is already drawn into history, as if wandering through a maze through time periods. It’s an amazing feeling. Nolan is a recognized master of his craft. Because of this, it’s so nice to “catch him by the hand” on the hole in the script you found.

Trying to understand what is actually happening on the screen is extremely exciting. You don’t even need to be a great connoisseur of physics to realize how useful and interesting this science is. It’s hard to get into the intricacies of the plot. Time is an intangible category on which all mankind depends. However, we often waste it, not even realizing that our life is passing us by. We exist in a hustle and bustle, we are constantly in a hurry somewhere. But where are we in a hurry? Do we belong to ourselves? Or are we rushing after illusory ideals, forgetting just to live? Many have heard the phrase: “He who owns time, owns the world.” It really is. The main characters showed this statement in action by their own example.

We cannot control our past. Our future is unknown to us. Time cannot be turned back, turned back. However, the past can be perceived as an invaluable experience from which we can draw the right conclusions. Therefore, at the end of the film “Tenet” the events that took place on the screen do not seem so unreal to us. As long as we are alive, everything is possible. This phrase is debatable. However, the director clearly and directly said with his motion picture that you can’t play with time. But a person can learn to manage it. Then incredible prospects for growth and development will open before him.

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