Swallow Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Swallow was filmed in 2019 and directed by Carlo Mirabella-Davis and was released to theaters in April 2019. The movie won the hearts of the audience with its suspense and gripping plot, which was created based on real events. The director’s grandmother suffered from a nervous breakdown – she constantly washed her hands and tried to keep everything sterile.

The plot of the psychological thriller is as follows: a girl named Hunter lives the life that many would like to have – she lives in a luxurious country house, can afford not to work anywhere and prepare for the wedding – very soon she will marry a rich millionaire. Everything collapses at the moment when she finds out that she is expecting a child – accordingly, everyone begins to cherish and cherish her, to take care of her excessively. It is hard for the main character to cope with this, and pregnancy does not make her calmer. The atmosphere in the house does not affect her in the best way – she is forced to cook, clean, and do household chores. She cannot control her own life, so she finds that long-awaited relief in swallowing various objects, including sharp buttons.

Life for Hunter becomes torture – her husband, although he shows signs of attention to her. but never take an interest in her inner state. The mother-in-law constantly finds reasons to “prick” her daughter-in-law and poke her nose: for example, she hints that Hunter should grow long hair, since her son is more sympathetic to girls with long hair than short ones. And in general, the girl was very lucky with her husband, according to her mother-in-law. Even the knowledge that Hunter will soon have a baby does not make her happier. On the contrary, thoughts about future changes in life frighten her and make her panic.

The meaning of the movie “Swallow” 2019

What is the point of this movie? The girl was in a psychological prison, a moral prison, which shook her psychological health. Swallowing buttons, she tried to moderate the pain that raged inside her. Lack of understanding of others, isolation, the inability to freely communicate with people and do what you think is necessary – if these elementary rights are taken away from a person, he will begin to pray for help by any means. If others do not hear the requests, then you need to silently ask for help, which Hunter did.

Hunter visited a psychotherapist, trying to find in him support and advice on how to get out of this situation. Soon, the mother-to-be learns that her therapist is not keeping their conversations a secret, but is passing the information on to Hunter’s husband. This further depresses the girl, making her unhappy. She perceives any situations of her life as those that do not depend on her. Her existence continues, as it were, without herself, and she is unable to control herself and take precedence over the ongoing events. Everything that happens, Hunter perceives as a label, a new obligation that entails unpleasant consequences. Marriage is a move to a rich country house, the obligations of a housewife, constant washing, ironing and waiting for a husband from work, pregnancy is a lack of time for yourself, eternal lack of sleep and shaking hands. And she does all this not because she wants it herself, but in order to please her husband.

The house in which Hunter moves is an image, even a stereotype of a rich life. The interior is rich, but uncomfortable, there is neither love nor mutual understanding in the house. In it, the girl feels like a prisoner, although the renovation is very modern, fashionable, which will give odds to any mansion. The house puts the seal of a housewife on Hunter, which the latter resists very much, trying to somehow free herself from the heavy burden of misunderstanding and lack of freedom. The people surrounding the girl are also trying to dictate their rules of life to her, humiliating her own dignity, but she, like a strong-willed person, screams for help by swallowing various pebbles and buttons.

Yes, committing such abuse of her body, she breaks down, trying to escape. Every little thing that Hunter swallows brings her incredible pleasure, mixed with acute pain. She screams for help, pleads for understanding, but she does it all silently, holding back internal tears.

On the other hand, it is not clear: Hunter wants to kill the child? Myself? Or does she just like to play with death? In the finale, we understand that this girl is completely alone, and in this way she says: “Here I am, pay attention to me, help me, I’m weak!” Misunderstanding prompts her to play with death again.

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