Straw Dogs Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The crime thriller is based on the novel “The Siege of Trencher’s Farm” directed by Rod Lurie. Starring Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgård and James Marsden.

The main characters of the film are David Sumner, a successful screenwriter, and his wife Amy, a young and beautiful actress. They come to Amy’s homeland, to the provincial town of Backwaters. The girl plans to sell the house after the death of her father. David is engaged in another scenario, in a bar he meets Charlie and his friends. The screenwriter suggests that they repair the old roof. The man does not even suspect that Charlie and Amy met during their school years.

The meaning of the movie Straw Dogs

Charlie is jealous of an expensively dressed screenwriter in a smart car, he wants to show him who is in charge in this city. The longer the guys are on the roof, the more the desire to destroy the couple grows. Men are rude to a young girl, she is scared. In every way they show disrespect for David. He asks them to leave.

The marriage of the spouses is bursting at the seams, the idyll ends. David and Amy are trapped – they have to spend the night in a deadly battle with ruthless killers. A real hell begins, they have to fight for their lives and become merciless, like their tormentors. David has to take up arms to protect himself and his wife.

In this film, the viewer will see the conflict of different social strata. Local losers burn their lives and do not think about the future. At the same time, they are believers. Newcomers young people, on the contrary, are wealthy and purposeful, successful young people. In the film, the viewer sees how a calm and balanced person in extreme conditions becomes a cruel, desperate beast. David is capable of anything to protect his family.

The meaning of the film is that a girl from childhood grew up in a quiet outback with her own foundations. When she grew up, she decided to radically change her life and she succeeded. She became a famous Hollywood actress and successfully married a successful screenwriter. But the locals are jealous of her success and cannot accept it. Local losers have their own principles, they begin to feel hatred for a happy and wealthy family.

Against the background of developing events, terrible secrets of the past emerge. Everything secret sooner or later becomes clear. Tension builds like a snowball. A bloody confrontation cannot be avoided. The province has its own norms, it does not forgive past grievances. If you left and became successful, don’t come back. And if you dare, then you should not stand out against the background of general dullness.

The film keeps the viewer in suspense and makes you empathize with the main characters. A memorable and interesting plot carries an emotional load. The professional acting of the actors conveys the atmosphere of danger and the hopelessness of the situation. After viewing, a person thinks about the injustice and danger of the world around him. It’s scary to live where there are a lot of moral and narrow-minded scumbags. This psychological crime drama is suitable for people with a strong and strong psyche. An impressive thriller will find many fans of this genre.

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