Split Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The main idea of ​​the film

So, to better understand the main idea of ​​the film and its essence, let’s turn to the words of the author: “Traumatic events change us much more than we think. It’s just that most people look at such a metamorphosis through the prism of their own ideas, so such a trauma is perceived as a humiliation. People need to realize that we are only getting better, stronger, not losing our value.”

There is an opinion in society that if a person’s life is calm and nothing really happens to him, then he is completely normal. But according to the Beast, one of the characters in the film, people of this type simply have not departed from awakening, they live out of habit, in a word, they just sleep.

The meaning of the movie Split

The nature of Kevin’s mental disorder

Kevin is the main character of the film. The family can only be called “prosperous” in a sarcastic sense: his mother treated him extremely cruelly, and his father completely left the family. The disease that developed in a man can only be called a split personality: after all, he has as many as 23 personalities, not 2. All these personalities developed as a result of Kevin’s attempts to protect himself from the cruelty that surrounded him throughout his life. Interestingly, some personalities are stronger than the character himself.

If we talk about the essential symptoms of the disease, then different personalities in the body of a person suffering from such a disorder may indeed have different physical characteristics: there may be different leading hands, colors may vary in different ways, even the size and diameter of the pupil and the pressure inside the eye may differ.

It is worth noting right away – the various abilities of the Beast, like impenetrable skin, super tenacious hands, do not appear in a person who is really suffering from a disease. But since this is possible in the Split universe, you can consider Kevin a kind of superhero. Dr. Fletcher was sure of this, too, she thought that those suffering from dissociative identity disorder were, in some way, really superheroes. It is ironic that Kevin will turn not into a hero, but into a villain.

Casey Cook and her scars

Let’s talk about the main protagonist of the universe of the film “Split” – schoolgirl Casey Cook. Her classmate at the very beginning of the film says that the girl does not want to communicate with others and always does something, for which she remains after school. Later, when one of the personalities of Kevin Hedwig “comes out”, the cause-and-effect relationship will be clarified: the girl behaves badly on purpose so that after school she will be left alone. The words of a young girl immediately dispose to Casey Hedwig.

Casey had a nightmarish experience as a child, you have to admit it. But it was precisely such an injury that made her more adapted to life, just what the author mentions. After all, she was the only one, being imprisoned, who was able to soberly assess her strength and the whole situation as a whole. When Dennis is about to take one of the girls, Marsha, with him, Casey yells at her, “Try to wet yourself!”

But the Beast (one of Kevin’s strongest personalities) is not a sentimental creature. He wants to destroy everything and everything, as he did with the innocent Fletcher. But something in Casey’s past was able to make the Beast stop – her scars. Casey’s last clothes were torn during the chase, and the Beast saw the injuries on the girl’s body. The Beast comes to understand that the girl experienced rejection, suffered, and therefore is pure. And that was enough for the Beast not to kill her.

The meaning of the film’s ending movie Split

The finale of the movie “Split” is also filled with meaning. It contains a hint that Casey will be able to free himself from his tormentor. As the schoolgirl waits in the car, she is told that her uncle has come to pick her up. The mere thought of moving from one prison to another is very painful for the girl, and this is noticed by the policeman.

Although the ending was left open, I and the fans want to believe that Casey was able to find the strength to tell the police officer about her terrible life with a pedophile uncle, who covered up his terrible intentions with the words: “Let’s play animals, do they wear clothes?”

Also at the end of the film (namely, at the very end, right after the final credits), the viewer understands that “Split” is a continuation of the film “Invulnerable”. In the frame we can see the main character of “Unbreakable” named David Dunn, played by Bruce Willis. Together with a visitor in a diner, they remember the name of the villain who committed crimes 15 years ago – Glass Man (or “Mr. Glass” in another translation).

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