What is the meaning of the movie Silent Hill?

Silent Hill is a 2006 film based on the game of the same name. And it’s not the first movie based on games. Therefore, there were plenty of bases for the film adaptation of the cult series of the game. Despite the fact that experts criticized the expected picture very strongly, the developers treated their project with great love, putting deep meaning into the details.

What is Silent Hill about?

The plot of the film holds the viewer and rivets his attention to the screen, forcing him to delve into the essence of what is happening. Adopted nine-year-old daughter Sharon DaSilva suffers from a common symptom – sleepwalking. Every night the girl is visited by nightmares about the mysterious city of Silent Hill, which beckons her. The mother of the girl Rose decides to help the baby get rid of terrible dreams and takes her to the city of dreams. Along the way, Rose faces many difficulties: patrol Bennett and the loss of her daughter during a collision with an incomprehensible figure. The foggy city does not welcome new guests.What is Silent Hill about?

Rose cannot just leave her daughter and goes in search of her, getting to know a new, completely untidy and insane person – Dahlia Gillespie, who also lost her child in this city. Having shared fate and grief, women are looking for missing children, fighting and running away from monsters that appear in the impenetrable darkness that has long shrouded a strange and mysterious city.

Together, they stumble upon communities of fanatics, the meaning of life of which is exclusively faith. Rose meets the head of the camp, Christabella. Despite the fact that the community tries to help women in their search, things are not so clean. Rose discovers the terrible secret of the leader of the community, who with her own hands plunged the city into hopeless darkness. Saving Dahlia’s daughter Alessa from the devil who had taken possession of her, the fanatics divided her soul into two sides: the dark one, which was represented by Alles herself, who remained in the city, and the light one, which was the adopted daughter of Rose Sharon. Silent Hill has been calling the girl for a long time.

Rose’s husband Christopher also comes to Silent Hill in search of his now missing wife and daughter. But the authors of the picture clearly let us know that he will never find them, because the city looks completely different for everyone. The wife and daughter are found in another dimension, filled with creepy monsters, while Christopher walks through the empty and bright streets.

Once again escaping from the monsters in the old hospital, Rose finds the real Allesa and her dark essence, which tells her the story of the hell of this city. She asks Rose for help in destroying the fanatics in exchange for saving Sharon. Mad faith stands as a wall and cannot let the demon into the cathedral, but Rose could well carry the demon in herself. The woman, of course, agrees. However, while she was already in the cathedral, Christabela found Sharon hiding with Dahlia. She wants to burn the baby, as she did earlier with Bennet. But Rose distracts the fanatic with cries about the non-existence of the apocalypse. Having undermined her faith, Rose is stabbed earlier and releases the demon from herself. The fanatics are destroyed. And Rose and the rescued Sharon go home, but they will never see Christopher again, because they continue to be in another reality.

The meaning of the movie “Silent Hill”

The meaning of the film is much deeper than many critics estimated it. True fans of the picture saw it in games, but the film gave space for the imagination. Let’s start with the city of Silent Hill itself, surrounded by thick fog. The fog has a symbolic meaning here. It seems to cut off the city from all sides, showing the hopelessness of the situation of the main characters. Alternative Silent Hill is a product of Alessa, a city consisting of suffering and revenge for the people lost in it. This is the reality of a girl whose body is locked in a hospital. The people who hurt her are not just hostages of the city, they are doomed to suffer here. Because of this, Silent Hill is very similar to hell, hell for those who have become an unconditional part of it. They can no longer leave the city limits or move from Alessa’s reality to another. And in this the soul of the viewer calms down, because evil is punishable, even if it is Alessa’s lynching.

The cult based in Silent Hill is not the weak organization of fanatics that it seems to the audience at first glance. They have their dogmas and rules. Those objectionable to faith and cult are punished with particular cruelty, for example, the burning of Bennett. Faith is presented, both in the film and in the game, as the main force that is capable of much. Faith has no ultimate truth. Rose believes she will find her baby. Fanatical faith saves the cultists from the black revenge of Alessa, who enveloped Silent Hill, but did not get into their main abode.The meaning of the movie "Silent Hill"

The film reveals the insane power of hate, which is counteracted by the power of love. Think for yourself, for the sake of your child, you could go through so many obstacles in the form of frightening monsters from nightmares. But Rose did. Each hero has his own goal. If Alessa’s goal is the destruction of the cult and Christabella personally, then for Rose it is the salvation of her beloved child. The author knowingly shows how strong love is in relation to revenge. After all, Alessa cannot achieve her goal without outside help, while Rose herself is going through this whole nightmare.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “Silent Hill”

And this is where the picture comes to an end. Any viewer is looking forward to a happy ending. Rose and Sharon return home together, but they are no longer able to reunite with Christopher. After going through hell, mother and daughter do not get out of it.

The ending leaves more questions than answers. And its essence for an attentive and understanding viewer is simple. We see the restless souls of Rose and Sharon. The car accident that happened to them at the beginning claimed their lives. Silent Hill does not let the heroines go. They want to meet their father and husband, but they continue to stay in parallel worlds in the hope of reuniting.

The film leaves behind a pleasant feeling and makes you wonder what is good and what is evil. And neither the game nor the cinema gives us answers to these questions. To truly appreciate this movie, you have to experience it yourself, which is what we recommend.

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