Signs Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Back in 2002, a thriller called Signs was released under the direction of Night Shyamalan. Let’s look at the meaning of the authors.

What is the movie “Signs” about?

The plot of the film is such that a certain farmer Graham Hess lived a calm and measured life up to a certain point, since he had long since resigned from his duties as a clergyman after the death of his wife. He did not dream of anything, had practically no serious goals and dreams.

But one day an extremely unusual event happens to him, which turned his world upside down. His entire field, which he used to ennoble, was mutilated with incomprehensible ancient signs. Moreover, unusual things began to happen near Graham’s house. Of course, such events could not pass him by.

All the inhabitants of the village were also dumbfounded by the mysterious symbols, and decided to take up the investigation. At this time, television channels are trumpeting that such circles have been discovered all over the planet, and in one of the countries a video was filmed with the presence of an alien on it.

Most of the world’s population was afraid of such news. People begin to help each other, to be closer and kinder. For example, the killer of the protagonist’s wife begins to communicate with Graham’s family. He catches one of the aliens in his pantry, and also strongly recommends that the Hesses barricade the house. Everyone understands that something frightening is coming, so the Hess family does not argue with him.

At night, all means of transmitting information cease to work: radios, televisions. The dog was silent. Aliens are trying to break into the basement where people have locked themselves. Fortunately, as a result of the fight, the heroes understand that the aliens are afraid of water.

The meaning of the movie “Signs”

Many do not notice the main idea conveyed by the director, saying that the idea of ​​the film is completely stupid. However, it is worth digging deeper than the outer picture.

The aliens and their invasion of Earth is just a red herring. It is hardly worth getting hung up on it, but the circumstances that make up the inner world of the characters need to be considered. We see that after the death of a beloved mother and wife, a series of constant failures hung over the family. The reason for this is simple – they simply lost their faith in happiness and in God, thinking that it was he who allowed such a tragedy to occur in their lives.

But they should have taken a different path and not be discouraged. It would be better if they took the situation as an opportunity to improve their lives, to love each other even more. But the former priest refuses his work, which also symbolizes the rejection of God’s faith. Graham Hess has become an ordinary farmer who has not expected anything from life or from himself for a long time.

Only another common misfortune in the form of an invasion of alien creatures helped people to unite. They were able to save each other, but without kindness and mutual assistance, they would hardly have succeeded.

Meaning of the movie’s ending

The entire film is itself riddled with symbolism. It follows that the name of the film “Signs” did not come from the mysterious circles in the field. The point is that fate sometimes sends us symbols to tell us the right path, but we do not always see them and take them seriously. We anger life for those sad things that hung over us. But they were sent for a reason, and absolutely not with the aim of depriving us.

For example, at the end of the film, Merill kills a strange creature with a bat. This bat was not by chance exactly there. Merrill is known to have played sports with the bat for some time. In one of the decisive matches, Merrill scored his shot, which became a record. This match was also attended by Graham’s wife, who, like all the spectators, was impressed by the abilities of her son. And when she was already dying after a car accident, her last words were: “Tell Merrill to wave the bat.”

It is also symbolic that one of the boys was saved due to his disease – asthma. He suffered from it for a long time, but oddly enough, his life and health were saved with the help of this disease. When the stranger began to release poisonous gas, he had an attack, and the patient could not swallow the air in which the same gas was.

The secret was revealed that aliens are afraid of water only thanks to a girl named Bo Hess. She helped, without even knowing it: Bo had the idea that water cannot be simply exploited, because small organisms live in it, which also live and breathe like people. Therefore, there were glasses of water throughout the house, and part of the liquid from one of them fell on the villain. It was these drops of water that may have saved the lives of all the people who were in the same room with the monster.

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