The Signal Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The film “The Signal” (2014) was filmed in the genre of a fantasy thriller. It was filmed by the director who had previously made the film “Love”. Both films are made in the fantasy thriller genre. The action of these works takes place in outer space. You can note the fact that Laurence Fishburne, known for the Matrix trilogy, starred in the film. Thus, critics and viewers will be satisfied. Since the participation of this actor guarantees a good film. The director of the film, in addition to the film “Love”, also worked on other films that are little known. The voice acting of this film is original. After all, the soundtrack was produced on instruments that the sound engineer made with his own hands.

The plot of the film tells about three guys whose names are John, Nick, Hayley. They are expelled from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They were accused of vandalism, as they broke the door leading to the server part. There was a supercomputer in which the students damaged the database. But then the guys revealed a computer scientist named Nomed. It was he who was to blame for what happened to the server. Nomed then decides to start annoying the guys. They show their way to their native California.

At this time, Nomed begins to call them, then joins their video call. It threatens in every possible way, makes their journey unbearable. Nick and John decide to do something. They learn the address of Nomed’s computer, where it is physically located. The guys decide to pay a visit there. However, they are waiting for a building that is already many years old and is currently not inhabited by anyone. The guys decide to go inside and check it out. Hailey’s girlfriend stays outside. Suddenly, her scream is heard.

Nick and John run out. However, the girl is not. Darkness around. They can’t find anyone. Something makes both guys faint. Then Nick comes out of a swoon. He sees that he is in some kind of research complex. There is no one around except Dr. William Damon. He starts torturing the guy, asking different things. Starts experimenting on the guy.

Dr. William Damon doesn’t tell him about what happened to his friends. Time passes and Nick finds out that Hayley is also here. In the same building where he is. The girl is unconscious. Nick wants to free her and run away. He doesn’t succeed. He is again put into a coma. When he gets out of it, he discovers that he has lost his legs. Instead, he was given artificial limbs. They allow him to run fast, above the speed of sound. Nick finds Hayley and quickly runs away on new legs.

Together with his girlfriend, the guy finds another building in which no one lives. She and Hayley decide to take shelter there. But John is found inside. They cut off his hands and put in artificial ones. The new limbs, like Nika, are works of engineering. The kids start thinking about what’s going on. Perhaps they are in the computer world, somewhere in Area 51.

Young people decide to take the road, which is the only place that can lead them to the civilized world. But then it turns out that people in uniform are waiting for them there. I had to take the fight. During the battle, Nick is injured. He tells the others to break through while he distracts the attackers. The remaining guys take over the truck. But then they get into an accident. Hailey gets hurt. A helicopter descends and picks up. Now Dr. Damon, who has already arrived, tells Nick that they participated in an extraterrestrial civilization project.

His human essence was combined with the power of cybernetic inventions. Nick, after talking with the doctor, decides to bail out Hayley. He starts chasing the helicopter. Suddenly it turns out that the world around is limited. There is a kind of dome that Nick breaks when he quickly runs forward. After leaving it, the guy sees a completely different environment. It turns out that they are on board an aircraft that flies to the unknown world of a certain planet. So the movie ends abruptly.

“The Signal” is another fantasy with an unpredictable plot. The meaning of the film is to show how people will act in extreme situations. Nick changes, turning from a simple boy into a superhero. And it’s not about cybernetic legs that allow you to develop supersonic speed. It’s about his personality, which is transformed due to circumstances. So a person, being in difficult unpredictable conditions, becomes stronger spiritually and physically. So the hidden meaning of the film “The Signal” is to show how a person is able to overcome himself, to reveal his potential, in a war.

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