Serenity Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The meaning of the movie Serenity (2019). Serenity is a gripping, captivating story that can’t be categorized into any particular genre. Drama, detective story and thriller are intertwined in the film. But one thing is for sure, this film will not leave anyone indifferent. What is the meaning of the incredible film Serenity? What was the main idea the director wanted to convey to the audience?

What is the movie Serenity about?

The hero of the film lives in the small provincial town of Plymouth. Baker Dill works on the Serenity yacht. His duties include accompanying tourists on sea fishing trips. The hero has a friend who helps him in everything. At first glance, it seems that Duke is Baker’s best friend, who can be relied upon in any difficult situation.

Dill has a cherished dream – he is obsessed with the idea of ​​​​getting a huge tuna in his nets. But over the years, his desire has remained unfulfilled. Giant fish breaks off his hook time after time. Baker’s only pastime other than fishing is visiting the local bar. The owner of the institution – Constance – his girlfriend.

During his life, the hero has seen many difficulties and problems. The man went through the army, the betrayal of the closest person. Wanting to forget all the hardships that fell to his lot, he settled on a paradise island. However, the memories of the past do not leave him.

One day his calm and measured life was disturbed. At the bar, he saw an ex-girlfriend – Karen. But the heroine did not just end up on a paradise island. From her, Baker was followed by a strange proposal – to get even with her current despot husband. Frivolous Karen could not wait for her husband from the war, passionate feelings for Frank turned her head and she quickly jumped out to marry him. However, over the years of tyranny from the side of the new lover, their joint child with Baker completely closed in on himself. Patrick has become unrecognizable: he does not leave his room, spends all day playing computer games.

For the massacre of Frank, Karen promised Dillon an impressive amount of money. However, the man remained adamant, he is not ready to commit murder. But a week of strange and frightening visions with Patrick made Dill rethink his decision. Is the hero succumbing to temptation?

The meaning of the film Serenity

Can a good kind person, acting for the good, do bad deeds? The main character is a courageous and sensual person. He is full of vital energy, despite the fact that he went through difficult trials. But who is Karen? Who is this mysterious and fragile at first glance woman? Why does she manipulate men? What are her real motives?

The eyes of a little boy. Why does the director show them in close-up? The viewer through these eyes can look into the soul of a computer genius. Understand the pain he had to endure. The boy lost his father, he is in the house of his stepfather, who often mocks him.

But what kind of town is Plymouth? Why isn’t it on any map? It turns out that Plymouth is a fictional, virtual place, a computer simulation. And the main character does not act according to his own convictions. He is skillfully controlled, his every step is under strict control. All the characters turned out to be just digital characters that are being manipulated.

Baker dreamed of becoming a model father to his only son. Throughout the movie, Dill is talking to Patrick. He is convinced that their family bond is unbreakable. Baker is sure that they will definitely be together. But over time, the main character realized that everything around was a mirage, an invention. And Baker himself is one of the characters in a strange video game. A video game invented by a little computer genius.

The actions of the heroes are programmed with a special code. The goal of a video game is fickle. It changes at the request of the creator. People live as if on command of someone who leads them. Their consciousness is beyond their control. Their goals, desires do not depend on themselves. They will do everything as they are told. All heroes are just pawns in a complex and intricate game called life.

“Nobody dies on the island as long as they play by the rules. But what if the creator of the rules decided to change them himself? .. ”

The meaning of the finale of the film Serenity

Patrick gave in to temptation and left his room. He took a desperate step. He is ready to do the unthinkable. He leaves the game of digital heroes for real life to avenge years of beatings and humiliation. Yes, he had a real father who did not return from the war. The only thing that reminds the boy of his parent is an old photograph.

Who is this Patrick? Helpless child or excellent strategist? The little hero is forced to endure violence. The events that take place in the next room destroy his psyche. The child could not share his experiences with anyone, and therefore transferred them to the virtual world. It was there that he was able to find a way out. His dead father came to his aid.

The boy tried to get justice. He killed his tyrant stepfather. Patrick liberated himself internally. Serenity is a film that addresses the problems of real life, which can be controlled with the help of higher technological power. Maybe the whole world is only in the mind of a child with a rich imagination?!

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