La stanza Ending Explained & Film Analysis

La stanza is a horror movie of 2021. Stella has a hotel. One day she decides to commit suicide. but at this time a certain person comes to her. He says that he has a room in the hotel that he paid for. The stranger pretends to know Stella well. Who could it be? Stella decided it was best to invite him inside. The stranger’s name is Sandro. With his arrival at the hotel, something unimaginable begins.

The film La stanza is a typical work in the horror genre. It will be of interest to all fans of this genre. The viewer is again sent to the chamber world of limited space. This is very interesting. Considering the fact that now there are good films in this genre. Before there were plenty of them. Take although there was a film “The Devil” in which the action takes place in a stopped elevator. The intrigue there was that one of the passengers was the devil himself. Probably the most famous film of this genre is a tape called “Cube” and its sequel “Hypercube”, as well as “Cube Zero”. There, people moved through the labyrinth of rooms filled with terrible mechanisms. The films were simply wonderful and now no one makes such films.

Therefore, the appearance of the film “Room” in 2021 is pleasing, which can pretty much fray the nerves of fans of various horror films. The film has a meaning that needs to be thought about. A good visual component should be added to it. On the other hand, this picture is able to pat the psyche. It is known that the film has collected a lot of reviews, among which there are both bad and good. So he does not leave the viewer indifferent. Thus, thanks to the La stanza you can spend a good summer evening.

The film takes place in a hotel located in the countryside. Everywhere is a forest. There are almost no people. But the girl who is in the center of the plot lives there for some reason. It’s strange, especially for a woman. It is not easy to get to the hotel even by transport. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other, in case of danger, it is not easy to leave it. As in horror films, the plot unfolds during the day. And now, on one of the bad days, it was warm summer rain. He didn’t stop walking all day. Already all around flooded. It often rains in summer. But this time it was an omen of something not entirely good. It feels like something is about to happen. Indeed, the events of the horror movie began.

The film “Room” has a great visual component. Well chosen shots. All elements of the scenery are well thought out. The picture has very good sound. Thus, every detail of the film is recreated in detail.

The film “Room” starred actors who did not take part in major projects. They are practically unknown to the viewer. This is really a real plus of a horror movie. When you see unfamiliar faces, it turns out more reliable. And this is important for a picture that was created to play on the nerves. You begin to believe what is happening. And it’s all thanks to acting. If you add to this beautiful visual effects and backgrounds, you get a very worthy movie. It remains only to feel the atmosphere of a hot summer in a dense forest, pouring rain, pounding the roof of a lonely hotel. This is how the horror story begins.

If you recall all the films that were before, you can see that almost all the scary scenes took place during the day during the rain or at night during a thunderstorm. I remember the resurrection of Jason Voorhees, which occurred at night, when lightning struck in the sky. And it’s the same in La stanza. In the life of an elderly woman living alone in an old country hotel, a man appears who brought her a lot of horror. Well chosen for this role.

Really believe in his psychosis. Before us is a real madman, capable of much. Perhaps someone else will have nightmares about him. Here we already recall the classic film “Psycho”, where there was one of the best maniacs in the history of the horror genre. The motives of the man in La stanza are little known. Why did he start spreading fear? It is only known that he had a difficult childhood, which gave impetus to the maniac’s inclinations. Classics of the genre. But still, the “Room” is a must-see.

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