The meaning of the movie Revolver 2005

“Revolver”, a 2005 film by Guy Ritchie. The protagonist Jake Green, after serving seven years in solitary confinement, is released and immediately finds himself in a cycle of events. On the one hand, the mafia boss Dorothy Maka, because of which he was out of his will, on the other hand, a couple of bigwigs Zack and Avi, who immediately take Mr. Green into circulation. They promise to help him with a sudden fatal illness in return for his accumulated money and service to them. Ambitious Maka, who lost a large amount to Jake, in turn also craves money and power, because cooperation with the enigmatic and mysterious Sam Gold looms on the horizon. To all the listed characters are added a gang of Asians with a “powder” led by Jon Lord, a killer “Recycler”, Green’s brother Billy with his daughter and many others. With the established composition, dynamic events occur, inherent in stories from Guy Ritchie films. And in the end, we would have received another stylish action movie for viewing, if not for one but. . .

Depth. A property of a film that the director has never encountered before (more precisely, it has not been encountered to such a degree). “Revolver” makes the viewer think, sets a riddle and allows you to choose your solution. There is a lot of controversy around the film and many theories arise. Let’s take a look at two of them:

The meaning of the film “Revolver” 2005.

Grandmasters Avi and Zak. This theory that all the events in the film are a carefully planned chess game from two geniuses, and all the characters are just pieces on their board. With their skillful manipulations, they make Jake Green, who they like, go from pawn to queen. Throughout the film, we see footage of the protagonist playing chess with Avi and their conversation about the strategy of feeding small pieces. The wiring specialist and chess master, who turn out to be Jake’s neighbors in prison, started their combination a long time ago. Thus, all the internal torments of the heroes are the result of the actions of this couple. Interesting, but not the most interesting theory, agree? Who are you Mr Gold? The main riddle of the Revolver, to which each hero has his own answer. Sam Gold is the main fear of man. Ambition, greed, fear of addiction. Consider the connection of characters with Mr. Gold on the example of Dorothy Mackie and Jake Green.

He speaks to both characters through an inner voice. For a mafia boss, Gold is the embodiment of power. He would gladly be one. For the main character, Gold is to some extent himself, or rather the one whom he should defeat in himself. He is the embodiment of Green’s inner prison, which he is trying to escape. This is the difference between the characters, which is clearly shown by the scene when Jake comes to Dorothy’s house and struggles with his inner voice.

According to this theory, Avi and Zaka may not actually exist at all. They only live in Jake Green’s mind and are opposed to Mr. Gold. In favor of this theory is the fact that Avi and Zack do not intersect with any of the main characters except for Jake. Throughout the film, they lead him to self-improvement, the ultimate goal of which should be to free himself from the power of Sam Gold and escape from his inner prison. This couple tests him for greed, forcing him to give all his earned money. They put Green on a cruelty test, giving him a gun and asking him to shoot the man in the knee. The main idea of ​​the film is that man’s main enemy is himself. And Green understands this, gradually freeing himself from his inner shackles. But he still has the main burdensome feeling that prevents him from ever being freed from his own captivity. Revenge. To do this, he goes to Maka and there suppresses her in himself. This proves the scene in the elevator. The elevator is the personification of Jake Green’s prison. Throughout the film, he is afraid to use it, but after a conversation with Maka, he is freed from these shackles.

In parallel, we see that Dorothy Maka can not cope with the fight against Sam Gold. And the scene at the elevator proves it to us. He points a gun at Jake and asks to be afraid of him, but Green just leaves. Dorothy is deep in her fears. And the thought of it makes him cry. Mr. Gold’s influence on his consciousness increases more and more and it drives him crazy.

The meaning of the ending of the movie Revolver

According to the first theory we looked at, Avi and Zach pulled off a great scam by not getting their hands dirty and driving Mafia Boss Dorothy Maka insane, driving him to suicide. In parallel, they prepared for themselves an excellent worker, inspiring him with the path of enlightenment and liberation. However, as we said before, this theory is not the most interesting. Let’s analyze the meaning of the ending of the film “Revolver”, starting from the second theory. In the finale, two heroes meet who have been fighting with their egos throughout the film. Which of them succeeded in this? Who defeated Mr. Gold? Definitely Jake Green. He comes to Dorothy already freed and enlightened. What can not be said about Mac. By the end of the film, Mr. Gold has completely taken over his mind. Dorothy lost despite Jake Green bringing him the money. He drowned in his fears. It seems that in the end he realizes who Sam Gold is, but too late…

Let’s summarize. Guy Ritchie’s film “Revolver” is a great work that gives food for thought. There can be no one opinion about what it is about, everyone will find their own meaning in it. This is the beauty of cinema.

Write in the comments your assumptions and theories about what the film Revolver is about and what its meaning is. We look forward to waiting!

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